I        PT

  1. PT x TiK x SIK regular sport sessions
  2. PT Info Channel on Telegram
  3. PT’s LinkedIn group
  4. Board meetings in 2023
  5. PT’s feedback form
  6. [NEW] Season Opener Orienteering 11.1.

II      CHEM

  1. CHEM events Telegram channel
  2. Study feedback
  3. Online course: CHEM-C2480 Metallurgical Engineering and Technical Analysis of Lifecycle and Sustainability
  4. Give feedback on the new Student Guide!
  5. Exchange info session 10.1.


  1. Otaniemi Events Info Channel
  2. [WORK] UPM – Master’s Thesis Worker
  3. [WORK] Boliden’s Global Trainee Program 2024
  4. Mind and Study course 3 cr
  5. [NEW] Hauki Cup 2024
  6. [NEW] TRIP’s Navigation courses and exams spring 2024
  7. [WORK] Solar Foods part-time process operator


  1. [NEW] Metsä Group Summer Jobs 2024
  2. [NEW] UPM Summer Jobs and Graduate Programme
  3. Regards from Spokesperson-secretary

Remember to buy membership of PT on Kide.app via this link!


11.11. Season opener Orienteering


I        PT

1.     PT x TiK x SIK regular sport sessions

Pack your indoor shoes and head to the ball sports hall of Otahalli every Thursday at 21-22! There you will be able to play ball games with TiK and SIK and other PT members.
The sport will change every week. To sign up for today’s sport session click on the following link and follow the guide pictures. No registration needed! http://athletiks.nimenhuuto.com
Please notice that entering the gym and changing rooms now requires a separate pass code. Check the code on PT’s Info Channel.


2.     PT Info Channel on Telegram

PT has a separate Telegram channel for official announcements and news about the association – PT Info Channel! All the most important announcements and news about the association will be posted in the channel, for example about events and the summary of the weekly newsletter sent by email.
The #PT-chat (https://t.me/+aY6xg1c3ogA4Mjc0 ) is a chat for discussions between PT members. You can join the PT Info Channel here: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFAZzeI4birVAcfBZg.

Remember also to join the CHEM Events -info channel, that information about open events held by Chemistry Guild, Forest Products Guild and The Guild of Materials and Metallurgy students: https://t.me/chemtapahtumat


3.     PT’s LinkedIn group

Applications for summer jobs have begun so a quick reminder that PT has their own LinkedIn site and group! LinkedIn is a great way to get contacts and network with your student colleagues. Open summer jobs from our field will be informed about in the group as well!

Link to join the group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13559286/
Link to the PT LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/prosessiteekkarit-ry/


4.     Board meetings in 2023

Next board meeting is in January 2024. You can check scheduled meetings in the association’s event calendar.


5.     PT’s feedback form

Is there something bothering you and want to change it? Has something gone exceptionally well? You can send us anonymous feedback on PT’s website or using this link.


6.     [NEW] Season Opener Orienteering 11.1.


Hello there!

The new year is approaching, and how else could we begin it than with the traditional Season Opener Orienteering! The fuksis have, as usual, roamed through various checkpoint crawls throughout the fall, and now it’s their turn to come up with ingenious checkpoints for other PT members!


So, arrive on January 11th at 17:30 in front of OK20 in teams of 5-8 people to refresh the memories of your own fuksi year and to tackle the checkpoints that the fuksis have organized for your enjoyment. Diligence will be rewarded, as there is a prize for the best team!


The evening will be crowned with season opener afterparty at OK20, open to all PT members! Come meet friends and kick off the year in good company!


Registration for the orienteering teams is available through this forms and is open until January 10th at 23:55!



WHAT? Season Opening Orienteering

WHERE? Around Otaniemi and afterparty at OK20

WHEN? January 11th at 17:30

WHY? Because there can never be too many checkpoint crawls 🕺


II      CHEM

7.     CHEM events Telegram channel

Keep on track what happens at CHEM – join the CHEM events Telegram channel: https://t.me/chemtapahtumat


8.     Study feedback

Hi all!

We would like to remind you about the importance of study feedback! We can only react to issues concerning your studies if we are made aware of them.


If for example the assessment criteria change during the course or you have not received your exam results within four weeks, inform the Head of Study Affairs so that they can intervene.


For any Bachelor’s level related study feedback you can contact Leevi through:

  1. Email: opintovastaava@prosessiteekkarit.fi
  2. Telegram: @leeviha
  3. The anonymous feedback form


For any Master’s level related study feedback you can contact the Heads of Study Affairs of the guilds:

KK: @Akseli_Rautakorpi or feedback form

PJK: @joonaskovalainen069420 or feedback form

VK: @vuorinainen or feedback form

More information about student rights can be found here.


9.     Online course: CHEM-C2480 Metallurgical Engineering and Technical Analysis of Lifecycle and Sustainability

New online course CHEM-C2480 Metallurgical Engineering and Technical Analysis of Lifecycle and Sustainability (5 credits) is available for independent study in periods I-V.  All CHEM students are welcome!  In this course, you will learn about the role of metals in modern society and climate change prevention. You will gain fundamental knowledge of metals, their properties and applications. You will also learn about the lifecycle of metals, the impact of metals on sustainability and their role in circular economy.

Enrollment period: 1.01-31.05.2024  More information in SISU.
You can also contact the responsible teacher: anna.klemettinen@aalto.fi


10.   Give feedback on the new Student Guide!

Give feedback on the new Student Guide – Take our survey Student Guide (formerly known as Into) is the study guide for all Aalto University students. Now, you have an opportunity to give feedback about the new site and influence its development. Take our 10-minute survey by November 10th. The survey is intended for all Student Guide users.
Take the survey: https://link.webropolsurveys.com/S/425FC70423D3C8C0


11.   Exchange info session 10.1.

The application period for most exchange destinations is held 10.–31.1.2024. There is an exchange info session held specifically for CHEM students (held in English if needed)

– Wed 10.1.24 at 14.00 – Building of Chemical Engineering, Ke5



12.   Otaniemi Events Info Channel

A new event communication channel for associations under AYY called Otaniemi Events has been established. Join the channel and follow what’s happening in Otaniemi!


13.   [WORK] UPM – Master’s Thesis Worker

Master’s Thesis Worker  – Helsinki, Lappeenranta, Pietarsaari or Kouvola


“This is a great opportunity to join a company with a sustainable purpose: a future beyond fossils. You will also have the chance to join a forward-looking Biostreams team! The Thesis project is built on a great mission and has a direct contribution to more sustainable future. I am eager to instruct you on a subject which is relatively new for everybody and has a number of things to learn. Me and my colleagues in the team are really looking forward to having you as our team member!” – Kalle-Valtteri Ukonaho, Business development manager, Biostreams, UPM Fibres

In the thesis work, you will deep dive into carbon capture technologies, assess the technological readiness and evaluate the pulp process applicability. You will do this by combining different criteria and suitable assessment methods. Ideally you will create a balanced scorecard type of approach for the different technologies and ideally assess the different process solutions and their specific features from pulp manufacturing point of view. You will have a chance to network with different stakeholders within and outside UPM, and you will have the opportunity to get a broad perspective to UPM Fibres business area.


Learn more and apply by 20 December:



14.   [WORK] Boliden’s Global Trainee Program 2024

Every journey is different. What will yours look like? Boliden is looking for several new trainees to join our international trainee program in 2024. Join us for 12 months of practical and theoretical training and receive employment at the end of the program. The application period is open until 14.1.2024!

Available positions:

Automation Engineer to Mines, Aitik, Sweden

Environmental Engineer to Mines, Aitik, Sweden

Mine Engineer to Mines, Garpenberg, Sweden

Project Engineer to Mines, Kevitsa, Finland

Process Development Engineer to Smelters, Harjavalta, Finland

Process Engineer to Smelters, Kokkola, Finland

Maintenance Engineer to Smelters, Rönnskär, Sweden

Electrical Engineer to Smelters, Odda, Norway

This is the third international trainee program in Boliden. We have had excellent trainees at various sites across the company. Will you be the next one?

In Finland we operate in several locations. Boliden Kevitsa has a multimetal mine in Sodankylä, Boliden Kokkola has a zinc smelter and Boliden Harjavalta has copper and nickel smelters in Harjavalta and copper electrolysis in Pori. Boliden also has units in Sweden and Norway. During the program you will get to work in different business areas, sites and functions. However, you will

begin the program in a permanent position that you return to after the program is completed. As a trainee with Boliden, you will gain valuable knowledge about the metals industry at one of Europe’s leading mining and smelting companies.

Are you ready to fast track your career?

More information: www.boliden.com/career/trainee-programme


15.   Mind and Study course 3 cr

Mind & Study – toolbox for being well in studies is organized also in English

Do you want to improve your study wellbeing and skills using peer support and researched information? After taking this course, you will recognize the factors that affect your own ability to study and your wellbeing, and you will understand the importance of those in terms of meaningfully smooth studying. In addition, you will learn skills with which you can achieve study goals, which are meaningful to you, without sacrificing your own wellbeing.

Mind & Study – toolbox for being well in studies is organized also in English | Aalto University


16.   [NEW] Hauki Cup 2024

The 2024 Hauki Cup is finally here! This late January’s wintery kyykkä extravaganza brings together participants of all levels, from beginners to seasoned kyykkä veterans, to compete for the Otaniemi kyykkä championship. The tournament will take place on Saturday, January 27, 2024, in Otaniemi. The tournament follows the rules of Academic kyykkä.

🎟 Team ticket sales will begin on 5.1.2024 at 12.00 at https://kide.app/events/20b7d400-0538-45d7-ab7d-85da7dab3957. Team ticket costs 40€ and includes overall patches and after-party access for four.
Additional after-party tickets can be purchased separately for the price of 3€


17.   [NEW] TRIP’s Navigation courses and exams spring 2024

Teekkaripurjehtijat organizes navigation courses and exams for its members next spring.

Navigation 1 will be organized in Finnish and in English and Navigation 2 in Finnish. It is also possible to sign up only for the paper and/or online exams.

All courses start in week 5 and end with a joint exam session in week 13.

Registration is open.
From our site you will find also more information about the courses. You can become a TRIP member by filling in the membership form here


18.   [WORK] Solar Foods part-time process operator

Solar Foods is a visionary food-tech startup company that develops revolutionary fermentation-based innovations for food production. As an active player in solving the global food crisis, Solar Foods provides new solutions that secure the sustainable use of natural resources by disconnecting food production from agriculture. We have created the world’s most sustainable protein Solein®, and now we are on our way to making it the ingredient of choice for the foods of tomorrow. At Solar Foods we are not just creating the future, we are already living it. If you want to be part of an inspiring team dedicated to solving the future of food, then Solar Foods is your new home.

We are now looking for two part-time process operators to join our success story of food revolution.

We are in the process of finalizing our production lines in our first commercial scale facility, Factory 01, which is the world’s first production facility to commercially produce protein that is manufactured from inception to completion under a single roof. We expect to soon begin running production tests and then move to ramping up actual production.

How To Apply:

Interested to join our success story? Please submit your CV and motivation letter in PDF-format by the latest 31st of December 2023 via our application system. Please also mention your salary request and the earliest possible starting date in your application documents. Remember to use the application system, we do not accept applications by email.

For more information about the position do not hesitate to contact Jouni Ahtinen, tel. +358 50 353 1145 on December 13th between 10.00-11.30 and 21st between 13.30-15.00.

Read more here: https://www.recright.com/careers/en/solar-foods/process-operators-656ecb4bc91d9101d025aae7



19.   [NEW] Metsä Group Summer Jobs 2024

What kind of a job motivates you? A fun and encouraging team, meaningful work or decent wages? A summer job at Metsä Group offers you all this. A summer at Metsä Group is an excellent springboard for your career. It offers a good overview of the forest industry and the opportunity to work for a sustainable future – with a great group of people. Continuous product development and innovation are key elements of our business. We offer diverse and responsible summer jobs all over Finland. You can develop your skills in areas such as production, sourcing and logistics, production planning, technical marketing, IT or customer service.

Apply for summer jobs by 29 February 2024. www.metsagroup.com/summerjobs


20.   [NEW] UPM Summer Jobs and Graduate Programme

New skills, valuable work experience, and a vantage point in the rapidly changing biofore industry. A summer internship at UPM offers exciting opportunities.

There are over 30 positions where of Finnish language is not required. Read more from the website and apply by Valentines Day 14 February 2024.


UPM Graduate Programme 12-month tailored journeyIncludes 3-4 assignments/job rotations, incl. 1 position abroad Personal development plan Three learning modules when graduates get-together Own mentor’s support during the programme There are several positions open for applications in Finland, Germany and China.

Read more and apply by 31 January 2024 www.upm.com/graduate


21.   Regards from Spokesperson-secretary

Happy Monday! This is the last weekly newsletter of the year, so thank you for 2023! To finish this year properly, this week’s cliché is, of course, one and only: “Live, love, laugh


Anna Savola
Spokesperson-secretary 2023 | Prosessiteekkarit ry
+358400876287 | tiedottajasihteeri@prosessiteekkarit.fi
School of Chemical Engineering | Aalto University

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