With expense reimbursement, you can seek repayment for expenditures related to the association’s functions. Please make sure to be in contact with a member of the board before making purchases on behalf of the association in order to ensure that you will be reimbursed. Carefully fill out the billing form and be sure to complete all required sections. Receipts need to be scanned legibly. Illegible and inaccurate receipts will not be accepted.

Contact our treasurer at rahastonhoitaja(at) with any finance-related questions or concerns.

Instructions for filling out the billing form

  1. Fill out all requested information (your name, bank account number, contact information, reason for the expenses, breakdown of receipts). The billing form can easily be filled out electronically for example with Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  2. Make sure the receipts are clearly legible. Scan the receipt(s) as a PDF file and attach it to the reimbursement application. There are various scanning applications in the smartphone application store. If you have paid something online, attach the receipt for the transaction and the payment receipt from your online bank. Return only one PDF file with all the necessary documents (see example image).
  3. Name the file accordingly. For example: own_name_reimbursement_itemsforpHuone.pdf
  4. Send the completed application for expense reimbursement to rahastonhoitaja(at)

Billing form

Completed billing form