PT’s own, legendary dance group CanCan is one of the most memorable fuksi year experiences! The group is open to anyone, and the what most performers have in common is a lack of experience in dance. This is no setback, because through freshman enthusiasm – and, at first, Youtube tutorials – we create astounding performances! These masterpieces have been performed to sitsi audiences on the stage of Servin Mökki, at various companies’ pre-Christmas parties, and even to the masses at Tivoli!

You can only join CanCan during your freshman year, and it is downright illegal to miss out on this experience. After freshman year the spirit of CanCan lives on, and the greatest fans at performances are members from previous years. Rehearsals are flexible, and we practice mostly before performances and when learning new dance routines. Rehearsals have great team spirit, and the most challenging moves are repeated until everyone has them down.

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Are you looking for quality entertainment at a reasonable price for your event? CanCan is a safe bet for sitsit, bar parties, pre-Christmas parties, and so on – CanCan can be booked to perform anywhere!

Contact: cancan(at)