The Association of Process Engineering Students (Prosessiteekkarit ry) is a university association founded in 2012 due to the degree reform in the School of Chemical Engineering. The association receives new students starting their studies in the Chemical Engineering bachelor’s programmes in Aalto University and our purpose is to bring together students of the School of Chemical Engineering.


We are a non-profit special status association operating under the Aalto University Student Union (AYY). Any member of AYY can become a member. The Association of Process Engineering Students takes care of its members’ wellbeing by organizing a variety of events such as exercise and cultural events as well as different kinds of recreational events. Events are also organized together with other associations and guilds. Our aim is to uphold old traditions and create new ones. We work together with the Student Union, guilds, the School of Chemical Engineering as well as companies and associations within the industry.


Process engineering students get employed for the diverse needs of industry from chemical engineering to materials engineering. There are opportunities from consulting to production as well as from research to product development. Process engineering students often start their careers from the grass roots to advance to responsible positions already during their studies. Therefore, several companies have collaborated with the Association of Process Engineering Students to improve their own visibility and to learn what the students can do.

Some forms of collaboration that have taken place are for example supporting our annual ball, overalls’ sponsorship, and company events. Every year our over 200 new students get the overalls, so visibility is guaranteed! Overalls visibility can be seen as a multiyear job advertisement because many of our students apply for summer jobs at the companies on the overalls. The annual balls have been the finest celebration of the year, that many of our students, our alumni and staff of the School of Chemical Engineering have participated in. Many companies of our field have been making the celebration possible and got a lot of visibility among experts of chemical engineering. Additionally, it has been possible to get business visibility on our website and our association room, pHuone, where we are looking for even more new partners! Usually, collaboration is a combination of the approaches, which guarantees better visibility for the company in the student community. We also
always want to deliver the job advertisements and intern searches of the companies that have supported us, so that our students get the recruitment messages of familiar companies as quickly as possible.

Co-operation is always individualised, and we will work together to find a form of collaboration that gives the most both to the partner company and to the Association of Process Engineering Students. When brainstorming co-operation forms, it is recommended to be in contact with our Head of Corporate Relations.

Head of Corporate Relations 2024
Olli Penttilä
+358 45 1263936

Examples of collaboration


Each year our overalls have multiple ad slots for different prices. Visibility on overalls guarantees certain multi-year visibility for the company right from the student’s first study year! Traditionally overalls are distributed to the new students at the beginning of the autumn semester.


During the year we organize several company events from traditional plant and headquarter visits to more casual sauna and case evenings. For example, we organize the annual ball excursion and an excursion geared for the freshmen during the autumn and at the beginning of the year the traditional three-day homeland excursion Faasimuutos containing several company visits.

Annual ball

Our annual ball Lämmönsiirto is traditionally organised in September, and the celebration is made possible by several companies from our industry! The visibility among future professionals of the field is guaranteed!