I        PT

  1. PT x TiK x SIK regular sport sessions
  2. PT Info Channel on Telegram
  3. PT’s LinkedIn group
  4. Board meetings in 2023
  5. PT’s feedback form
  6. [IMPORTANT] Transfer of the membership register and payment of the membership fee
  7. Lämmönsiirto Annual Ball Excursion Wed 20.9.
  8. Association’s Code of Conduct
  9. Joint departure to Fyysikkospeksi 23.10.
  10. Kylmävalssaus 19.9.
  11. Lämmönsiirto Party Thu 21.9.
  12. [NEW] Pick-up of association products Fri 22.9.

II      CHEM

  1. CHEM events Telegram channel
  2. Study feedback
  3. Master’s programmes’ portfolio renewal in the School of Chemical Engineering
  4. Tournament of Kasper 29.9.
  5. CHEM Korkeakoulusitsit 4.10.
  6. CHEM-Approt Mon 2.10.
  7. Online course: CHEM-C2480 Metallurgical Engineering and Technical Analysis of Lifecycle and Sustainability
  8. [NEW] Puunjalostusinsinöörit Roadshow 3.10.


  1. National students volleyball championships 23.-24.9
  2. Lakinlaskijaiset Sat 30.9.
  3. Polin appro Wed 15.11.
  4. Otacruise 26.-28.11.
  5. [NEW] Physicists’ Spex 2023 – Student musical in English (Fyysikkospeksi)
  6. Pro Farm Group is looking for a Regulatory Compliance Administrator!
  7. [NEW] Storms&Seals – Song Leader Seminar Thu 5.10.
  8. [NEW] Apply to Representative Council!
  9. Regards from Spokesperson-secretary

Remember to buy membership of PT for this year on Kide.app via this link!

CHEM korkeakoulusitsit (Wed 4.10.), sign-up opens Tue 19.9. at 12.00
Storms&Seals Song Leader Seminar (Thu 5.10.), sign-up starts on Wed 20.9. at 12
CHEM-Approt (Mon 2.10.), sign-up starts on Thu 21.9. at 12.00
PI Roadshow (Tue 3.10.), sign-up closes on Fri 29.9.

Tue 19.9. Kylmävalssaus
Wed 20.9. Annual Ball Excursion
Thu 21.9. Lämmönsiirto Party
Fri 22.9. Pick-up of Association Products
Sat 23.9. Lämmönsiirto XI


I        PT

1.     PT x TiK x SIK regular sport sessions

Pack your indoor shoes and head to the ball sports hall of Otahalli every Thursday at 21-22! There you will be able to play ball games with TiK and SIK and other PT members.
The sport will change every week. To sign up for today’s sport session click on the following link and follow the guide pictures. No registration needed! http://athletiks.nimenhuuto.com
Please notice that entering the gym and changing rooms now requires a separate pass code. Contact @olenkissamiau to receive yours. A code is valid from 45 minutes before the start of the slot to 45 minutes after the slot has ended. It is prohibited to publicly share any pass codes you have received.


2.     PT Info Channel on Telegram

PT has a separate Telegram channel for official announcements and news about the association – PT Info Channel! All the most important announcements and news about the association will be posted in the channel, for example about events and the summary of the weekly newsletter sent by email.
The #PT-chat (https://t.me/+aY6xg1c3ogA4Mjc0 ) is a chat for discussions between PT members. You can join the PT Info Channel here: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFAZzeI4birVAcfBZg.

Remember also to join the CHEM Events -info channel, that information about open events held by Chemistry Guild, Forest Products Guild and The Guild of Materials and Metallurgy students: https://t.me/chemtapahtumat


3.     PT’s LinkedIn group

Applications for summer jobs have begun so a quick reminder that PT has their own LinkedIn site and group! LinkedIn is a great way to get contacts and network with your student colleagues. Open summer jobs from our field will be informed about in the group as well!

Link to join the group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13559286/
Link to the PT LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/prosessiteekkarit-ry/


4.     Board meetings in 2023

Next board meeting is on Thursday 21.9. at 14.15 at room Johanna in Harald Herlin Learning Center! You can check scheduled meetings in the association’s event calendar.


5.     PT’s feedback form

Is there something bothering you and want to change it? Has something gone exceptionally well? You can send us anonymous feedback on PT’s website or using this link.


6.     [IMPORTANT] Transfer of the membership register and payment of the membership fee

The membership fee of Prosessiteekkarit ry can no longer be paid at the same time with the enrolment for the academic year and the AYY membership fee. As a result, the membership register of Prosessiteekkarit ry was transferred to the Kide.app service the 2nd of August, 2023. The membership fee of Prosessiteekkarit ry can be paid via Kide.app. The membership fee for 2023 is 8 euros. The membership is valid for one year from the date of membership approval, which will be done at the next board meeting after joining.

To become a full member of Prosessiteekkarit ry, a person must also be a member of the Aalto University Student Union (AYY), and to ensure this, the Kide.app service will ask for a Haka login to verify student status. Please note that student status can only be verified for one Kide.app account, so please make sure you use the correct account of your choice before logging in. If you are not a member of AYY, you can become an external member of Prosessiteekkarit ry. External membership does not require a valid student status.

To become a member of the association, click here. Please, choose carefully the right type of membership.

As a reminder, the membership is valid until the end of the autumn semester 2023 for those who have paid their membership fee between 1.1.–31.5.2023. The membership is valid until the end of the spring semester 2024 for those who have paid their membership fee between 1.6.–31.7.2023. In both cases, the data will be transferred from the old membership register to the new one without any action being required from those concerned. If you do not want your data to be transferred to the new register, please contact the administrator of the register immediately by e-mail rahastonhoitaja@prosessiteekkarit.fi.


7.     Lämmönsiirto Annual Ball Excursion Wed 20.9.

The traditional excursion of Prosessiteekkarit ry 11th annual ball week is coming again!
This year we are heading to Harjavalta to visit Boliden Harjavalta smelters and factories! Boliden Harjavalta processes are based on hydro- and pyrometallurgical processing of recycled metals and concentrates. Production started in Harjavalta in 1936, and in 2004 the factories were merged into Boliden. The factories main products are copper, nickel, gold and silver. As a byproduct, the factories produces sulfuric acid, the production volume of which in 2022 was over 700 00 tons. Boliden Harjavalta factories, including the only nicle smelter in Western Europe, are an important part of the Harjavalta Industrial Park, where almost 20 different companies work in an area of more than 300 hectares!

The excursion begins on Wednesday 20.9. at 8.00 and we’ll return to Otaniemi late in the evening of the same day (before midnight) after rambunctious evening activities.

WHAT? Excursion to Boliden Harjavalta
WHEN? Wednesday 20.9.2023
WHY? A truly wonderful excursion companied with a spectacular evening activity
DC? Smart casual and teekkari cap (if you have one)



8.     Association’s Code of Conduct

Along with the new academic year comes the association’s brand-new Code of Conduct! Everyone involved with the association is obliged to follow the code, so this message is worth reading carefully! What is it about? Code of Conduct (CoC) is the rulebook of the association. it also determines the actions that are taken in an event of non-compliance.
What does this mean? Everyone involved in the activities of the association has the right to be themselves, regardless of any mental or physical traits. The association does not tolerate harassment in any form. To promote equality further, the association will be recruiting harassment contact persons, starting in the autumn. What does this have to do with you? By taking part in the association’s activities, you agree to comply with the Code of Conduct. In events of non-compliance, the association has the right to impose disciplinary measures. If you experience harassment at our events, please contact a member of the association’s board or a Code of Conduct Responsible immediately.
You can find the full Code of Conduct here (in Finnish, translation coming soon). Questions regarding the Code of Conduct can be directed to the association’s Code of Conduct Responsibles.

Wishing you a great start for the academic year,
Code of Conduct Responsibles
@oonahanska @sarasiivola @prosessitikkari @Juhikka


9.      Joint departure to Fyysikkospeksi 23.10.

*Note that this speksi will be presented in Finnish, Fyysikkospeksi has an English version on 20.11., but no joint departure by PT to that show*

Come and see Teekkarispeksi with your PT-friends! Show time is Monday 23.10. from 19-22. No need to hurry with the registration, since we reserve tickets according to sign-ups! You have to registrate by today 18.9. though.
Registration is open. More information about Fyysikkospeksi can be found here: https://www.fyysikkokilta.fi/speksi/

WHAT: Joint departure for the Fyysikkospeksi
WHEN: Mon 23.10. from 19-22
WHERE: Espoo Cultural Center, Espoon kulttuurikeskus, Kulttuuriaukio 2
PRICE: 13-15€ depending on group size
WHY: ‘Cause tooth fairies are not only for children 🦷


10.  Kylmävalssaus 19.9.

Lämmönsiirto week is approaching and so is the Kylmävalssaus!

Do you want to refresh your memory of the steps of the old dances for Lämmönsiirto XI? Or have you always wanted to dance to disco music? 💃🏻🕺🏽


This year’s Kylmävalssaus offers you the opportunity to learn steps of the old dances and the basics of disco dancing! The old dances are danced in Lämmönsiirto Ball on Saturday 23.9. but you can participate Kylmävalssaus even if you’re not attending the Ball.


In honor of Lämmönsiirto XI, Kylmävalssaus will be organized at Design Factory (Puumiehenkuja 5A) on Tuesday 19.9. at 18-21. The sign up closes today 18.9. at 18.00 in Ilmomasiina.


WHAT: Old dances and disco dancing

WHEN: Tuesday 19.9. at 18-21

WHERE: Design factory, Puumiehenkuja 5A


WHY: Dancing is fun and disco is the best!


11.   Lämmönsiirto Party Thu 21.9.

The most awaited week of the year is almost here and with it also the Lämmönsiirto party! This year, the Lämmönsiirto party will be held on Thursday 21.9 in Villi Wäinö. There is a private event downstairs in the bar and some optional activities are provided! The theme of the event is a party from the 70s, and because of that there is also a costume contest!
The party is open to all PT members. Grab your friends, arrive to the bar and say the code “Lämmönsiirtobileet” at the door to get in between 21:00 and 00:00.

Evening program:
21:00 Villi Wäinö’s doors open
21:30 Quiz
22:30 70s Dancebattle with a friend
23:30 Publication of the winner of the costume contest
00:00 Hymni.
00:00 the bar opens for others and the party continues

WHAT: Lämmönsiirto Party

WHERE: Villi Wäinö, Kalevankatu 4, Helsinki

WHEN: Thu 21.9. at 21 ->

DC: 70’s + Teekkaricap, (no overalls)

PRICE: Cloakroom fee 5 €

WHY: Prosessiteekkarit 11 years old🥳


12.   [NEW] Pick-up of association products Fri 22.9.

This week’s pick-up time of PT association products is arranged on Friday, September 22nd at 12:00–14:00 at the main lobby of the School of Chemical Engineering building. Please note that the payment must be made before picking up the products. Payment instructions have been sent by email to those who have ordered products. At the same time, there’s a chance to buy PT’s membership pin, which you can use immediately in the upcoming Lämmönsiirto XI! The price of the membership pin is 12 € and the payment method is MobilePay. Next week, the product pick-up is on Wednesday, September 29th at 13:00–15:00 at pHuone. In addition to the membership pins, you can purchase other association products such as overall patches!


II      CHEM

13.   CHEM events Telegram channel

Keep on track what happens at CHEM – join the CHEM events Telegram channel: https://t.me/chemtapahtumat


14.   Study feedback

Hi all!

We would like to remind you about the importance of study feedback! We can only react to issues concerning your studies if we are made aware of them.


If for example the assessment criteria change during the course or you have not received your exam results within four weeks, inform the Head of Study Affairs so that they can intervene.


For any Bachelor’s level related study feedback you can contact Leevi through:

  1. Email: opintovastaava@prosessiteekkarit.fi
  2. Telegram: @leeviha
  3. The anonymous feedback form


For any Master’s level related study feedback you can contact the Heads of Study Affairs of the guilds:

KK: @Akseli_Rautakorpi or feedback form

PJK: @joonaskovalainen069420 or feedback form

VK: @vuorinainen or feedback form

More information about student rights can be found here.


15.   Master’s programmes’ portfolio renewal in the School of Chemical Engineering

The School of Chemical Engineering is undertaking a portfolio renewal of the Master’s programmes for the autumn 2024. Read the message from CHEM Vice Dean for Education Jouni Paltakari here, and more info about the renewal here.


16.   Tournament of Kasper 29.9.

The Folk of Kasper are organizing the Tournament of Kasper, where teams will test their grit in materials, metallurgy and mining related tasks, where both wit and physical abilities are tested. In this good spirited competition no previous experience is required regarding the aforementioned fields, so you can participate with any kind of study background! Gather a team of three and come to compete on Friday 29.9. at Alvar square! You can also come and simply enjoy the atmosphere and support your favorite team to victory!

After the tournament we will naturally have an afterparty with sauna, food, and refreshments. Join us in the third annual Tournament of Kasper and be a part of creating Otaniemi’s history!

More info on Instagram @kasperinkisat
WHAT: The Tournament of Kasper
WHERE: Alvar’s square
WHEN: 29.9.2023 from 15 onwards
WHY: let’s find out who is the most vuorimies-spirited!


17.   CHEM Korkeakoulusitsit 4.10.

The sun sets behind the cape, and the Chemtubbies are heading to the sitsit…

Get ready to join the company of Vuori-Winky, DiPTsy, Puu-Laa, and KKo on Wednesday, October 4th, in Servi’s Teletubbyland! Antenna tuning starts at 5 PM, and the show kicks off at 5:30 PM! So, put on your favorite Chemtubby costume and come along for a unique adventure, filled with food, drinks, laughter, and songs! You can be part of this for a price of 15 €, which is paid in cash at the gate of Chemtubbyland.

Registration opens on September 19th at 12 PM and closes on September 26th at 11:55 PM, becoming binding at the same time. There are 80 spots for PT members, 40 for KK members, 40 for PJK members, and 40 for VK members.

What? Chemtubbies!
Where? Servi Chemtubbyland (Jämeräntaival 4)
When? October 4th, starting at 5 PM, gong at 5:30 PM
Why? Because CHEM <3
How much? 15 € in cash
DC? Teletubbies


18.   CHEM-Approt Mon 2.10.

CHEM students have their own playful appro, CHEM-Approt, that is here again in the Otaniemi area on Monday 2.10. from 5 pm onwards! During the appro, you’ll get to know more of CHEM’s own committees and guilds, as well as bars and shops in Otaniemi through this playful checkpoint tour. CHEM-Appro itself is implemented in a BYOB (bring your own bottles/beer) style. The afterparty will be at OK20! The event is open for all CHEM, and no matter the academic age, the possibility for participation is ensured with quotas in the registration.

The registration will open on Thursday 21.9. at 12:00 here.
WHERE: Otaniemi, afterparty in OK20
WHEN: Monday 2.10. at 17 ->
DC: Overalls (if you have), suitable clothing for outdoors
WHY: Because CHEM


19.   Online course: CHEM-C2480 Metallurgical Engineering and Technical Analysis of Lifecycle and Sustainability

New online course CHEM-C2480 Metallurgical Engineering and Technical Analysis of Lifecycle and Sustainability (5 credits) is available for independent study in periods I-V.  All CHEM students are welcome!  In this course, you will learn about the role of metals in modern society and climate change prevention. You will gain fundamental knowledge of metals, their properties and applications. You will also learn about the lifecycle of metals, the impact of metals on sustainability and their role in circular economy.

Enrollment period: 31.07-15.12.2023 or 1.01-31.05.2024  More information in SISU.
You can also contact the responsible teacher: anna.klemettinen@aalto.fi


20.   [NEW] Puunjalostusinsinöörit Roadshow 3.10.

PI roadshow event will be organised on 3.10 at the PI offices at Tekniikantie 4C, Otaniemi.!

Prominent companies from the Finnish bioproducts industry will be attending, and the event will be hosted on the rooftop terrace. There is a room reserved for the companies to interact with attendees, and they will be offering thesis positions, summer traineeships, and future career opportunities to motivated students.

Additionally, the rooftop sauna is booked for all attendees and the grill will be heated for hotdogs and sausages (vegan and vegetarian options available on sign up). Coffee and refreshments will also be provided.

Sign up is found here! Deadline for the sign-up is on 29.9.



21.   National students volleyball championships 23.-24.9

National students volleyball championships are here again and now we will play the women’s and men’s competitive series!
The Student Sports Federation (OLL) and the Tampereen Teekkareiden Lentopallokerho (TTLK) will organise the volleyball FSE Championships men’s and women’s divisions *at the University of Tampere campus in Hervanta,
Tamppi Arena 23.-24.9.2023.

The games will be played in two divisions: men’s and women’s. Registration is open until 10.9.2023. There are 8 team places in the men’s and women’s competition series. There will be 2 sets in each game, except in the finals, where there will be a best-of-three format.

The entry fee for each series is 100€/team, which includes 15€ OLL handling fees. At least 75% of the team participating in the OSM tournament must be OLL members or else the team entry fee will be increased by 50%.
Venue is fully accessible.

Contact information:
FSE Competition Officer (rules, quotas, venues, etc. practical matters)
Laura Ala-Hakuni laura.ala-hakuni@tuni.fi 0503058121
You can follow the information about the championships on TTLK’s Instagram
As well as on the website


22.   Lakinlaskijaiset Sat 30.9.

What better way to end the teekkari cap season than the traditional Lakinlaskijaiset on September 30th! You are of course welcome to come to the depths of Dipoli and enjoy top artists even if you don’t own a teekkari cap.

Ticket sales to Lakinlaskijaiset will happen on Wednesday 20th of September between 8.00-11.00. If there are unsold tickets after this, the rest of the tickets will be sold on kide.app on Thursday 21st of September.

More information about the event and tickets can be found on Telegram @lakinlaskijaiset 🔱


23.   Polin appro Wed 15.11.

The legendary Polin appro will once again take over Helsinki’s city centre on 15.11. So put your overalls on and head for a tour of the eastern port city. All students, student-minded people and other appro enthusiasts are more than welcome. The bar crawl will culminate in the Apollo Night Club , where you’ll be entertained by some amazing artists . If you’re already an impatient appro-enthusiast and November still feels far away, you can warm up for Polin appro with Dipolin appro on Wednesday 25.10. in the safe and familiar environment of Otaniemi .

Joint tickets for Dipolin and Polin appro will go on sale during October, more information coming soon! If the first ticket sale doesn’t work out yet, don’t worry, as Polin appro will also have its own ticket sale later in the autumn. Please follow @polinappro on tg for more detailed ticket sale schedules.

All the necessary information about both Dipoli and Polin appro will be published on this channel and in addition, you can follow us on Instagram @teekkarijaosto


24.   Otacruise 26.-28.11.

Feeling stuck in Otaniemi? Longing for a change of scenery and some fresh air? Well we have the answer, Otacruise 2023
Once again, Oracruise gathers 2500 Aalto students for a cruise to Stockholm and back on 26-28 of November 2023 !

Information about the upcoming ticketsale days! Cabins for Otacruise ’23 will be sold in two batches. Online sale on 25.9. on KideApp at 17.00. Campus sale on 27.9. at 8.00. All tickets for Otacruise will be sold as cabins that house 2-4 students each. The online sale will contain cabins with 2-4 spaces in each. All campus sale cabins are 4 person cabins. Ticket prices and what the tickets include will be published later this week! Additional information about the ticketsales will come closer to the sales dates

What: Otacruise 2023
Where: Helsinki-Stockholm-Helsinki
When: 26-28 November 2023
Who: All Aalto Students Info: @otacruise


25.   [NEW] Physicists’ Spex 2023 – Student musical in English (Fyysikkospeksi)

Physicists’ Spex 2023 student musical is here – also in English!
In the Kingdom of Teeth the tooth fairies and rot goblins compete for the most valuable resource of all – teeth. What happens when a fame-hungry fairy criminal and the princess of the Fairies, find themselves caught in the midst of a vicious power struggle. Spex combines musical theater and improvisation. Sink your teeth into the show in English on Nov 20! Tickets on Kide.App.
More info: https://fyysikkospeksi.fi


26.   Pro Farm Group is looking for a Regulatory Compliance Administrator!

Are you seeking to expand your skills in product compliance? Pro Farm Group, the global leader in biological solutions, is now looking for a Regulatory Compliance Administrator to join their growing Helsinki office! If you are interested in product compliance matters and want to develop your career in this field, this could be a perfect opportunity for you!

In this role, you’ll be joining Pro Farm Group’s small but close-knit Helsinki office and playing a crucial role in supporting the Regulatory Affairs Project Manager in broad-ranging product compliance tasks. You will also have the opportunity to work closely with other functions (such as R&D, marketing and product development) within the organization as well. Pro Farm offers you a meaningful role in a growing company and a global working environment.




27.   [NEW] Storms&Seals – Song Leader Seminar Thu 5.10.

This event and its program is held in Finnish. Information regarding food and schedule of the evening will also be provided in English during the event.

The mythical CthLuTcu has awakened from its deep slumber and the waltz of the ancients is playing in the dark. Help us protect our community and ensure that the seal lives at the end of the night. This roleplay oriented sitsit is full of variation as the dice will define the fate of your party.

LuTku proudly presents: fantasy-themed songmaster seminar on Thursday 5.10.2023! The upper doors of Otakaari 20 tavern open at 18 and the gong rings at 18:30. There is room for 50 and on the registration form you can mark if you want participate as a bystanding NPC or if you want to take part in the flow of events. Registration opens on Kide.app on  Wednesday 20.9. at 12:00 and closes on 29.9. at 23:59. This adventure costs 16e and there is a possibility to go sauna during the afterparty. More info & questions: @lukkaritirehtoori in Telegram.

What: Songleader seminar; Storms&Seals
Where: OK20 Upstairs
When: 5.10. at 18:00, gong at 18:30
For who: All friends of seals & song culture
DC: Epic fantasy


28.   [NEW] Apply to Representative Council!

Don’t settle for grumbling, apply to the Representative Council!

Would you like to have a concrete say in AYY’s business and how your membership fee is used? If you answered yes, apply to the Representative Council, also known as RepCo! RepCo makes decisions about AYY’s most important matters, such as rules, budget, and construction projects. In this fall’s election, 45 new student members will be elected to RepCo for a two-year term. The nomination of candidates is open until 2 Oct at 4 pm and the voting itself takes place on 1–8 Nov. What are you waiting for?

More info: ayy.fi/election


29.   Regards from Spokesperson-secretary

Happy Monday and Annual Ball week! There are a lot of events during this week, so remember to relax too! This week’s cliché: “Remember, in the rush of school and life, it’s essential to pause and take a moment to smell the roses.”


Anna Savola
Spokesperson-secretary 2023 | Prosessiteekkarit ry
+358400876287 | tiedottajasihteeri@prosessiteekkarit.fi
School of Chemical Engineering | Aalto University

PT on social media:
Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Flickr | Telegram