Dear members,

Welcome to the Association of Process Engineering Students’ statutory spring meeting on Tuesday 30.3.2021 starting at 18.00. The meeting will be physically held in Servinkuja 1 A 4, but attending the meeting will be possible only through remote connections. If needed, voting in the meeting will be done remotely, which is why we require everyone attending the meeting to register in advance at: Registration for the meeting ends on 29.3. at 12.00. It is not possible to attend the meeting without registering in advance.

We will send the attendants who have registered in advance a link to the meeting for the day of the meeting, and during the meeting we will share a link to the voting platform to those who have the right to vote. We will also send more information and more specific instructions on voting in the meeting. The board of the association has decided that the meeting’s attendees will be required to register in advance invoking the temporary law of changes to association laws during the covid-19-epidemic (677/2020,, in Finnish).

In the meeting we will cover last year’s annual report and financial statement, as well as the strategy and the budget for the current year. To get the meeting started on time, please join the meeting in good time!

Meeting agenda:

  1. Opening the meeting
  2. Verification of legality and quorum of the meeting
  3. Organization of the meeting
  4. Approval of the agenda
  5. Course of action
  6. Announcements
  7. The board’s situational report
  8. Presenting the year 2020 annual report
  9. Presenting the year 2020 financial statement
  10. Operations inspectors’ verdict
  11. Approval of the financial statement
  12. Granting discharge from liability
  13. Accepting the detailed strategy for the year 2021
  14. Accepting the budget for the year 2021
  15. Other matters
  16. Ending the meeting

Best regards
Oona Hanska
Chair of the Board 2021 | Prosessiteekkarit ry
+358 504074822 |
School of Chemical Engineering | Aalto University