Volunteer tasks

Care committee

Process operator

  • Takes care of the association room, processRoom, and its matters under the officer of internal and external affairs.

Culture responsible

  • Promotes the cultural activities of the association and encourages members for example to music and art.

LAN-party responsible

  • Is responsible for organising the LAN-party (PTHCNF).

Sports responsible

  • Is responsible for the association’s sport events and sport try outs while encouraging members to participate in sports.
  • Represents the association in AYY’s Sports committee (LTMK).

TEK contact person

  • Communicates with TEK (https://www.tek.fi/en/tek) and represents the association along with the chairman in matters regarding PT.


  • Takes care of the association’s archive material and keeps in touch with the archive.


  • Complains about matters which need to be improved Gives feedback and acts as a link between the association and its members who want to give feedback.

Information committee


  • Is responsible for editing the association’s magazine ProTeesi. and its layout.
  • Represents the association in AYY’s Communication committee (VTMK).


  • Creates content for the association’s magazine.

Foreign correspondent

  • Is doing their student exchange abroad and writes about their experiences for the association’s magazine.


  • Takes pictures at the association’s events if needed.


  • Is responsible for managing the association’s website.

Artistic leader

  • Uses creativity to execute the association’s graphic look.

Host and hostess committee

Host/hostess helper

  • Helps the host and hostess to organise the association’s events.

Song leader journeyman

  • Assists the song leader with their tasks and accumulates experience to become a song leader. They become a song leader after assisting a song leader five times.

Song leader

  • Leads songs at the association’s sitsit and promotes the association’s song culture.
  • One of the song leaders represents the association in AYY’s Song leader committee.

Heat transferer (Annual Ball's persion in charge)

  • Coordinates the Heat transfer committee.


  • Plays music at the association’s events if needed.

Party responsible

  • Party responsibles organize smaller events/parties, such as preparties, afterparties and the Lämmönsiirto party. They also have the freedom to come up and organize other events/parties. Besides the host and hostess, the party responsibles also work together with the freshman committee and Lämmönsiirto committee, while still being a more independent position on its own.

Fountain responsible

  • Maintains a warm but not too close relationship between the association and fountains. Also organises activities for the association’s events if needed.

Wappu master

  • Is responsible for possible Wappu arrangements.

Car driver

  • Owns a car and can help the members in need of a car or a ride if needed.

Hot tub responsible

  • Responsible for heating up, the upkeep, emptying and cleaning of the hot tub in events where it is used. Hot tub responsibility is recommended for those, who also apply to be assisting host/hostesses.


Freshman committee

Tutor officer

  • Is responsible for recruiting and educating the association’s tutors.
  • Acts as a leader of the tutors. Represents the association in AYY’s Tutor committee (ITMK).

International officer

  • Is responsible for the association’s international matters. Welcomes international and master students while helping them to integrate into the Finnish student culture.
  • Represents the association in AYY’s International committee (KvTMK).

Study committee

Exam archive administrator

  • Is responsible for uploading exams online, which have been returned to the exam archive. Keeps a record of the returned exams during the year.

Abi responsible

  • In charge of abi-marketing (e.g. on Instagram) and updating the Abeille-section on PT's website.

Corporate relations committee

Corporate relations journeyman

  • Helps the officer of corporate relations in any way possible.

Excursion responsible

  • Is responsible for organising Faasimuutos (PT’s midlong excursion) with the officer of corporate relations and the officer of internal and external affairs. Also organises all the other excursions of the association.

Economic committee

Member of economic committee

  • Helps the treasurer with managing and improving the association’s economic matters. Previous treasurers are often chosen for this task.

Appliance responsible

  • Is responsible for the rental of the association’s PA-system and guiding the renters on how to use it correctly.



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