The time has come to bring forward commendable members of the PT community!

The next badges of merit will be handed out in Lämmönsiirto held next September and the badge of merit committee wants to hear the members, and you may leave your suggestions here. Suggestions from the members provide the committee with valuable supplemental information to hand out commendations, so we encourage you to have an influence on the committee’s decisions!

Please submit your suggestions by the 13th of August. If you want to submit more than suggestion, please do so on separate forms.


Before filling out the form, please familiarize yourself with the Association’s guidelines for granting badges of merit (in Finnish).

You may submit questions for the committee via email.

Have a great summer!

Badge of Merit Committee 2021:
Werneri Huhtinen (werneri.huhtinen(at) | Telegram: @aaltouniversity)
Joona Pystynen
Juhani Rahikka
Julia Tofferi
Valtteri Siira