I        PT

  1. PT x TiK x SIK regular sport sessions
  2. PT Info Channel on Telegram
  3. PT’s LinkedIn group
  4. Board meetings in 2023
  5. PT’s feedback form
  6. HopLop Adventure 24.2.

II      CHEM

  1. CHEM events Telegram channel
  2. Study feedback
  3. New online course in Wood Products and Processes
  4. Coffee break with professors


  1. Allwell? -survey for second year’s Bachelor’s students and first-year’s Master’s students
  2. Student musical theatre Teekkarispeksi 2023
  3. Laskiaisrieha 21.2.
  4. Gravitaatio 21.2.
  5. TEK Finnish Language Café returns every Monday and Wednesday!


  1. Metsä Group’s open positions and international internships
  2. Summer Trainee positions at Murata
  3. Regards from Spokesperson-secretary


Valentine’s Day Sitsit 14.2.

Laskiaisrieha 21.2. sledding competition, sign up open until 17.2.
Gravitaatio 21.2.

I        PT

1.     PT x TiK x SIK regular sport sessions

Pack your indoor shoes and head to the ball sports hall of Otahalli every Thursday from 5.1. onwards at 21-22! There you will be able to play badminton or basketball with TiK, SIK and other PT members.


2.     PT Info Channel on Telegram

PT now has a separate Telegram channel for official announcements and news about the association – PT Info Channel! All the most important announcements and news about the association will be posted in the channel from now on, for example about events and the summary of the weekly newsletter sent by email. The #PT-chat will remain as a chat for discussions between PT members. You can join the PT Info Channel here: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFAZzeI4birVAcfBZg.


3.     PT’s LinkedIn group

Applications for summer jobs have begun so a quick reminder that PT has their own LinkedIn site and group! LinkedIn is a great way to get contacts and network with your student colleagues. Open summer jobs from our field will be informed about in the group as well!

Link to join the group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13559286/
Link to the PT LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/prosessiteekkarit-ry/


4.     Board meetings in 2023

Next board meeting is on Monday 20.2.! You can check scheduled meetings in the association’s event calendar. The meetings will be held at pHuone.


5.     PT’s feedback form

Is there something bothering you and want to change it? Has something gone exceptionally well? You can send us anonymous feedback on PT’s website or using this link.


6.     HopLop Adventure 24.2.

It is time to go to the indoor adventure park HopLop to celebrate the ending of the first exam week of the year. Climb to the volcano, get lost in the labyrinth and just enjoy while your stress fades away.

We’ll meet at 6pm in HopLop Suomenoja. The play time lasts until 8pm. We leave together from Otaniemi at 17.30 and you can join that if you want. The meeting point is the bus stop Aalto yliopisto (M) platform 13.

The registration opened on Friday 3.2. at 12 on PT’s website and closes on Sunday 19.2. and it gets binding after that.
What? Trip to HopLop
Where? HopLop Suomenoja, Finnoonlaaksontie 9, 02270 Espoo
When? On Friday 24.2. from 18 to 20
Price? 12,90€ (ticket to the park) + HSL BC-ticket


II      CHEM

7.     CHEM events Telegram channel

Keep on track what happens at CHEM – join the CHEM events Telegram channel: https://t.me/chemtapahtumat


8.     Study feedback

Hi all!

We would like to remind you about the importance of study feedback! We can only react to issues concerning your studies if we are made aware of them.


If for example the assessment criteria changes during the course or you have not received your exam results within four weeks, inform the Head of Study Affairs so that they can intervene.


For any Bachelor’s level related study feedback you can contact Leevi through:

  1. Email: opintovastaava@prosessiteekkarit.fi
  2. Telegram: @leeviha
  3. The anonymous feedback form


For any Master’s level related study feedback you can contact the Heads of Study Affairs of the guilds:

KK: @Akseli_Rautakorpi or feedback form

PJK: @joonaskovalainen069420 or feedback form

VK: @vuorinainen or feedback form


More information about student rights can be found here.


9.     New online course in Wood Products and Processes

CHEM-E2235 Wood Products and Processes (5 cr) course is organized for the first time in the online format in spring 2023. You may follow the course independently whenever it is suitable for you during IV period 27.2. – 14.4.2023. The course includes short videos, texts, exercises, and online exams. The course starts with an online introduction on 27.2.2023 at 14:15. Register to the course by 6.3.2023:
Sisu: https://sisu.aalto.fi/student/courseunit/aalto-CU-1150933092-20220801/brochure


10.   Coffee break with professors

The time has come for the spring coffee break with professors! So, join us in the School of Chemical Engineering’s entrance hall on Monday 6.3. at 4 pm sharp to enjoy some coffee with our professors. You get to freely converse about things that worry you, such as majors in your bachelor of master studies, summer jobs etc. This is a great opportunity to talk about your feelings and to impact teaching in our school!
WHAT? Coffee break with professors
WHERE? School of Chemical Engineering’s entrance hall
WHEN? Mon 6.3. @ 4 pm
WHY? Studying is better when you know the professors!



11.   Allwell? -survey for second year’s Bachelor’s students and first-year’s Master’s students

Hello, second-year bachelor’s student or first-year master’s student, how are you? Respond to the AllWell? questionnaire on study wellbeing through the link you will receive by email. This is your chance to help your programme and the university develop. Once the questionnaire has closed, you will get personalised wellbeing tips in return for your response. The questionnaire is anonymous, and all responses are treated with the utmost confidentiality.

The questionnaire will be open from 15 February to 1 March 2023. Read more: The AllWell? questionnaire


12.   Student musical theatre Teekkarispeksi 2023

Welcome to see Teekkarispeksi 2023 – Univelka. Speksi will head off to the world of dreams! As family, business and dreams intertwine, surprising partners must join forces to save the world of dreams. But will it be a nightmare?
In Finnish only.
More information about the tickets and performance dates (in Finnish) https://teekkarispeksi.fi/naytokset-ja-liput/


13.   Laskiaisrieha 21.2.

Signup for the ABB’s academic sleding competition is open. Now is a great time to sign up and awesome prizes are in store.
Laskiaisrieha is coming to Kaivopuisto in Helsinki on 21.2023. Info of the event and signup link can be found at laskiaisrieha.fi and at the Laskiaisrieha tg-channel. Signup for the sledding competition closes on 17.2., so this week’s Friday!


14.   Gravitaatio 21.2.

The party crowd will hit the Apollo dance floors again like Thor’s hammer when the traditional Gravitaatio takes place on 21 February! So come and join us for the biggest spectacle of the year, as top artists entertain students at this party after a day of sledding and crawling. The artists will be announced closer to the event!

Be sure to also check out Gravitaatio’s official Telegram feed: https://t.me/gravitaatio
What: Gravitaatio 2023
Where: Apollo Live Club
When: 21 February at 21:00 from 21:00.
How: Tickets from kide.app on Tue 7 Feb at 12 noon here


15.   TEK Finnish Language Café returns every Monday and Wednesday!

After a Christmas break, the TEK Finnish Language Café returns to help you practise your Finnish skills outside of your lessons! The café is a low effort opportunity to speak Finnish with other learners, as well as to just have a break from your courses with coffee and snacks. The location is the Otaniemi TEK office, found in the Harold Harlin Learning Centre (via external A door), so can form a convenient part of your day.

The Finnish Café aims to be very casual, with all skill levels of Finnish welcome, especially including those who are native speakers. Whether you are in your first year in Finland or your twentieth, feel free to stop by, chat, and improve your skills!

In terms of integrating into Finland following studies, language problems are consistently given as the number one issue in finding a field relevant job. While native skills are impossible for many, even some Finnish skills can make a huge difference. As part of TEK’s work to improve the ability of international students to thrive in Finland, these cafes can hopefully help you achieve those skills – and therefore a future here!

Starting from Wednesday 01.02., the times of the café throughout the Spring semester are as follows:
Every Monday at 16:15
Every Wednesday at 14:15
Depending on demand, extra sessions can also be organised later on.
We have a Telegram group for communication and extra Finnish practise, as well as for any possible cancellations or changed times. If you have any interest in coming to a café, join it at https://t.me/+_XsOr7ChyPxkOTI8

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to message me at @kvtykki on Telegram, or at owain.hopeaketo@tek.fi.

Nähdään siellä!
Owain Hopeaketo
TEK International Student Liaison, Otaniemi



16.   Metsä Group’s open positions and international internships

Join Metsä Group to make a better future! Explore our efficient production plants, where we manufacture cutting edge products from the world’s best raw material, renewable northern wood. Continuous product development and innovation are key elements of our business. We offer diverse and responsible summer jobs all over Finland. You can develop your skills in areas such as production, sourcing and logistics, production planning, technical marketing, IT or customer service. Apply for summer jobs by 28 February 2023! www.metsagroup.com/summerjobs

International internships:
Are you interested in a summer internship outside Finland? Metsä Group has opened 6 international internships at our mills in Sweden, Germany, Poland and Slovakia! It is a 2–4-month long internship for engineering students in Finland – travel expenses and accommodation are also covered. English is the only language requirement. Check out these opportunities, and hop on an international career!


17.   Summer Trainee positions at Murata

Are you a student with a technical background looking for a summer internship?
Check out www.muratafinland.com/#positions to see all the open positions we have to offer! At Murata, our goal is to contribute to the advancement of society with innovative sensor technology that makes driving safer and improves quality of life. This summer, we are offering a wide range of interesting summer trainee positions to students with a technical background and a passion for cutting-edge technology. In Finland, we design, develop and manufacture accelerometers, inclinometers and gyro sensors based on the company’s proprietary 3D MEMS technology. These sensors are used to measure things such as acceleration, inclination, vibration and pressure.

For Summer 2023, we offer the following summer internship positions:
• Summer Trainee, Process Development, Assembly
• Summer Trainee, MEMS Design, R&D
• Summer Trainee, Test Software Development
• Summer Trainee, ASIC Design, R&D
• Summer Trainee, Failure Analysis
• Summer Trainee, Process Development
• Summer Trainee, Test Design Engineer, MEMS Test Development
• Summer Trainee, Test Engineer, MEMS Test Development
• Summer Trainee, Embedded System Development

These summer internships are an excellent opportunity for students eager to enhance their professional skills in a challenging and fascinating environment. As a Murata summer trainee you will be working in one of our many specialist teams contributing to the development and manufacturing of our products. You will be working with some of the brightest minds in the field who are always willing to share their knowledge with you. Our products are used in applications where reliability and high accuracy is critical. With our technology cars stay in their lanes, people’s hearts keep beating and bridges don’t collapse. One of our goals is to enable safe autonomous driving with our products, and we are constantly looking for new talents to help us achieve this ambition. Interested? Head over to our website www.muratafinland.com and apply for our summer internships through our website by 28th February 2023. Please act quickly, as the positions will be filled as soon as suitable candidates are found.


18.   Regards from Spokesperson-secretary

Happy Monday! It’s been a long day, so this week’s cliché is: “This is your Monday reminder that you can handle everything this week throws at you”.


Anna Savola
Spokesperson-secretary 2023 | Prosessiteekkarit ry
+358400876287 | tiedottajasihteeri@prosessiteekkarit.fi
School of Chemical Engineering | Aalto University

PT on social media:
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