I       PT

  1. Information on events for the rest of the year
  2. Application period for PT official positions opens on 10.11.
  3. PT’s Wiener Info 11.11.
  4. Remote LAN party 13.-15.11.
  5. Overalls Sewing & Game Evenings 17.11. & 19.11.
  6. Use of the Process Room during 2020
  7. Koronavilkku-app


  1. The application period for student representatives is open
  2. CHEM Appros 12.11.
  3. Vote for the Teaching Action of the Year
  4. CHEMeleons league games


  1. MIK Calendar
  2. Information on the effects of coronavirus on activities at Aalto University
  3. Secretary’s Regards

The application period for the 2021 board is open!

10.11.-2.12. Application period for PT’s official positions for 2021
11.11. PT’s Wiener Info
12.11. CHEM Appros
13.-15.11. PT’s Remote LAN Party
17. & 19.11. PT’s Overalls Sewing & Game Evening
23.11. Association’s fall meeting
25.11. PT’s pre-Christmas party


I          PT

1.       Information on events for the rest of the year

The Prosessiteekkarit board made the decision to continue the decision made in October related to events. The updated decision was made at the board meeting held on 26.10. and it can be read below:

Prosessiteekkarit will not organise events for over 50 people inside. Events for over 50 people can be organised outside, if people that attend are divided into less than 50 people groups that will not interact during the event. The events organised are held in a way where the risk of transmission is minimised. For example, sitsit will not be organised. These decisions are valid until the end of the year.


2.       Application period for PT official positions opens on 10.11.

The Association of Process Engineering Students is looking for new volunteers for official positions for the upcoming year. You can read more about the official positions at: http://www.prosessiteekkarit.fi/en/tasks/
This year, the official applications are divided into the positions suitable for everyone and the positions that require previous experience relating to the task. You can find the positions suitable for everyone here, and the positions that require previous experience here.

Being an official is an excellent addition to your studies, and they are not too demanding in terms of load. In official positions you get a chance to get to know how the association works up close and help in organizing and developing the association’s activities.

The association’s board will host an information session on the official positions on the 11th of November starting at 15:00 in Zoom (link in emailed newsletter) where you get to hear more about the official positions.


When you are registering, choose the positions that you want to apply to. You can apply for as many positions as you want, but you may not be chosen for all of them. We also ask you to write in brief why you are applying for the positions you are applying for. The association’s upcoming board will decide who to choose for the official positions during December. The upcoming board’s members may send you additional questions relating to the position. The application period ends on the 2nd of December 2020.


If you have any questions about the official positions or applying for them, please contact the head of that specific committee (you can find the heads of the committees here: http://www.prosessiteekkarit.fi/en/officials/).


WHAT? The Association of Process Engineering Students’ official position application for 2021

WHERE? Positions suited for everyone and the more demanding positions

WHEN? 10.11.-2.12.2020

WHY? Because volunteering is the bestest thing


3.       PT’s Wiener Info 11.11.

Who makes sure the sitsis have food and program? Who is responsible for the visual look of the association? Who ensures the association’s sponsors income and the organization of corporate events? Who cares about the well-being and exercise opportunities of the members? Who writes the hilarious articles in the association magazine, ProTeesi?


A wiener is a colloquial term used in Finnish to describe a fairly small but important job that is given to someone. In terms of our association, this job means being an official for the association. An official helps out a certain member of the board throughout the year.


We will have an info session regarding the official tasks on the 11th of November starting at 15:00. If you’re interested in hearing about how you can help the association, be sure to join us!


The Wiener info is held remotely via Zoom. The Info is also recorded so you can return to view tasks again!


Most of the volunteer tasks are suitable for fuksis, but for some tasks prior experience related to the task is needed. These tasks are marked with a star (*). Board positions are recommended for second-year and older students.


You can also read about the different official and board tasks here: http://www.prosessiteekkarit.fi/en/tasks


WHAT: Wiener Info AKA introduction to different board and official tasks in the association

WHERE: Via Zoom, link in emailed newsletter

WHEN: Wednesday 11.11. at 3 p.m.

WHY: Because wieners are good and rewarding with good company!


4.       Remote LAN party 13.-15.11.

PT’s remote LAN party is coming once again! The event will once again be held on the association’s Discord server (link in emailed newsletter). This time there will be fun games played from Friday to Sunday every night from 18:00 till midnight. Games being played will include such titles as Jackbox 1–7, Among Us, Golf With Your Friends, skribbl.io, krunker.io, CS:GO, Pretend You’re Xyzzy, GeoGuessr and moba games like LoL, Dota 2 ja HotS. If you want to play other specific games that are not listed, then you can look for groups on the Discord server.

WHAT: Remote LAN party

WHERE: PT’s Discord server (link in emailed newsletter)

WHEN: 13.–15.11.2020 every evening 18–24

COST: Zero, zip, zilch, nada

WHY: Because video games!


5.       Overalls Sewing & Game Evenings 17.11. & 19.11.

Does sewing new patches into overalls feel tedious? Are your fingers in screws right at the beginning and the thread isn’t going to be found in the eye of the needle? No worries, help is near!


We want to make it easier for everyone to progress in patch sewing by organizing PT’s own overalls sewing evenings. In the evenings you can come to sew patches into your overalls, hear tips and just spend time with good company. There is also a possibility to buy some patches, if you want.


If you don’t feel like sewing overalls, there are also board games and other games to play during the evening!


We will arrange 2 sewing evenings in the OK20 upstairs and each sewing evening can accommodate 28 participants. With limited facilities and number of participants, please attend only one evening that suits you. The event dates are Tuesday November 17 and Thursday November 19. See that the dates have changed a bit!


You can arrive at OK20 starting from 6 pm.


The registration for both evenings start 9.11. at 12:00.

The registration of 17.11. evening: http://www.prosessiteekkarit.fi/ilmo/event/57

The registration of 19.11. evening: http://www.prosessiteekkarit.fi/ilmo/event/58


WHAT: PT’s Overalls Sewing Evening

WHERE: OK20 Upstairs

WHEN: November 17 and 19, starting from 6 pm

WHY: Because sewing is funnier together


6.       Use of the Process Room during 2020

The Process Room is closed for the rest of the year. We will inform when it opens again.


7.       Koronavilkku-app

The PT board recommends everyone to download the Finnish corona tracking application Koronavilkku!


You can download and install Koronavilkku here:

Google Play

Apple App Store



II        CHEM

8.       The application period for student representatives is open

Do you want to have influence on the development of Aalto University or your degree programme? Apply as a student representative!


What is a student representative?

Student representatives in administration are Aalto students who participate in the decision-making and development of the university. Student representatives have the opportunity to influence, for example, the teaching of degree programmes, quality of teaching, students’ well-being and equality. Students know best what students are thinking.



Student representatives act in degree programmes, schools and the university’s central administration. There are more than 200 student representative positions. The list of executive bodies can be found at beta.halloped.fi.


What are the benefits?

As a student representative, you will gain networks, influence and confidence!

You can get to know and work with Aalto staff

You can directly influence study-related decisions

You will get to know advocacy work and other student representatives

How to apply?

Fill in the application form at beta.halloped.fi no later than 29th Nov. In the call for applications, you can find more detailed application criteria. The most important requirement is to show that you are motivated to work for the benefit of the Aalto community.


Further information

More information on student representatives and the guide for student representatives: https://www.ayy.fi/fi/opiskelijaedustajat


Hanna Yletyinen

Coordinator, Recruitment of Student Representatives in Administration



9.       CHEM Appros 12.11.

In November, we can forget the failed attempts of CHEM Fun, because the School of Chemical Engineering has its own playful appro, CHEM-Appro, that will come to the Otaniemi area!


During the appro day, you will be able to get to know more of CHEM’s own guilds, ie the Chemistry Guild, the Forest Products Guild and the Guild of Materials and Metallurgy, as well as the guild’s activities through a playful checkpoint tour.


Appros are events organized especially among university students, where you can tour different points or bars, enjoy a voluntary drink / refreshment at each point in addition to other activities in the checkpoint. During the year, several appros are organized, the most well-known are the Poli and Dipoli appros.


CHEM-Appro itself is implemented in a BYOB (bring your own bottles) style, so that in every checkpoint a voluntary own drink or a refreshment is drunk. To get a drinking point on your appro map, you should return an empty bottle/can to the checkpoint.


You will earn an appro overalls totem as a reward for accomplishing the appro map!


You can attend appros always with non-alcoholic beverages or you can just come to complete the checkpoints without drinking.


Registration for the event opens at 3.11. 12:00 and closes 12.11. 14:00.

Link to the registration: http://www.prosessiteekkarit.fi/ilmo/event/54


Registration instructions:

Participants can go around in groups, maximum is 10 people. The starting point is determined by the registration quota. At the starting points, participants will be divided into smaller groups and they will get their appro maps. If you want to be in the same group with a certain friend, please sign up for the same quota. 4 quotas (140 people) are reserved for fuksis, one (30 people) for International / Degree students and one (30 people) for everyone in general. If there are still places left in 9.11., the registration will be open for any CHEM members.



WHERE: In Otaniemi, start from your starting point

WHEN: 12.11. at 3 p.m. – 8 p.m.

DC: Clothing suitable for outdoor activities and appros!

WHY: Because CHEM-appro (fun) and CHEM guilds!

FB-event: https://www.facebook.com/events/3471025972996758


In case of problems, please contact Valtteri Siira or Laura Lukkarila Telegram: @valtterisiira or @lauralukkarila


10.    Vote for the Teaching Action of the Year

Each year, the School of Chemical Engineering awards its members in teaching, research, services and collaboration. All proposals warmly welcome! Please respond to this survey separately for each suggestion.



The deadline for the proposals is November 25, 2020 and the award will be announced in the Dean’s virtual glögg event on December 16.12.2020


The Teaching Action of the Year

to acknowledge and promote actions, that positively affect students’ learning, welfare, satisfaction and study success and development of attractive teaching programs. The recognition can be given to an individual or a group of people among the faculty, learning services and students.


The final decision of the award will be made by the Vice Dean responsible for Teaching on the proposal of a working group from the Degree Program Committee.


11.    CHEMeleons league games

CHEMeleons league games are back! Now you must be wondering what is CHEMeleons?


CHEMeleons is a sports team for all CHEM students. Unisports organizes different leagues and last winter we took a part on futsal, basketball and floorball. The leagues we took a part was easygoing and even though the goals and points are counted, you don’t have to have previous experience of that sport. All you need is interest and good sport spirit with you. This is also a great opportunity to collect fuksi points! Taking a part of CHEMeleons game you get 1 point. You can collect max 2 fuksi points from CHEMeleons games. More details on CHEMeleons TG-group (link in emailed newsletter) or DM PT Sport Official Eino Kilpeläinen on Telegram @chempaintman



12.    MIK Calendar

Our sister guild from Tampere, Materiaali-insinöörikilta ry is selling calendars this year, from which the profits are donated for mental health work. Below is more information on ordering!

Are you never sure what day it is? Are your regular calendars too boring? No worries, we have a solution! Bravest members of MIK have reduced their clothing in front of the camera. These pictures have been put together as the hottest wall calendar of 2021 (might contribute to climate change).

This masterpiece can be yours at the price of 15 € if you fill in the form. You can pay with Mobilepay or bank transfer. Profits made from the calendar will be donated to childrens’ and youths’ mental health work. The form is open until 21.11., so be quick.


13.    Information on the effects of coronavirus on activities at Aalto University

You can find information on the effects of the coronavirus on the activities of the university at https://www.aalto.fi/en/aalto-university/information-on-coronavirus.


14. Secretary’s Regards

Last week I went on PT’s visit to Fazer’s visitor centre, which was really fun, but I ate way too much free chocolate! Yesterday I was at PT’s 3+ Wine Night organised by our IE, which was a good start to a new week!

This week’s animal video: husky friends

News from the board:
Last week Oona Hanska was chosen for the position of the former of the board for 2021 at the association’s additional meeting. The application period for the 2021 board is now open. The application period for PT’s official positions is open, and it is divided into positions suitable for everyone and positions that require previous experience relating to the task. You can read about PT’s board and official tasks on our website and you can learn more about them at PT’s Wiener Info tomorrow at 15.00 on Zoom. The School of Chemical Engineering announced that they would support the Association of Process Engineering Students by compensating 50 % of the expenses caused by the cancellation of the association’s annual ball. The board and the annual ball committee thank the school for the support during these difficult times. This week’s events: 3+ Wine Night, CHEM-Appros, Remote LAN Party.

Janika Hart
Spokesperson-secretary 2020 | Prosessiteekkarit ry
+358509119730 | tiedottajasihteeri@prosessiteekkarit.fi
School of Chemical Engineering | Aalto University

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