I        PT

  1. PT x TiK x SIK regular sport sessions
  2. PT Info Channel on Telegram
  3. PT’s LinkedIn group
  4. Board meetings in 2023
  5. PT’s feedback form
  6. SIK x FK x PT Van Der Waellus Hike 18.-23.8.
  7. Meet a Chem Eng!
  8. “To summer condition” 2023!
  9. PT x AK Wappuspåra 25.4.
  10. IK x PT 2+ Wappusitsit 27.4.
  11. [NEW] 3+ & Alumni Wappusauna 22.4.
  12. [NEW] WappuBus to Ullis 1.5.

II      CHEM

  1. CHEM events Telegram channel
  2. Study feedback
  3. Master’s programmes’ portfolio renewal in the School of Chemical Engineering


  1. Student musical theatre Teekkarispeksi 2023
  2. TEK Finnish Language Café returns every Monday and Wednesday!
  3. [NEW] Wappu-spirited Singing sauna 17.4.
  4. Aalto Open Air 22.4.
  5. Self-study places in Otaniemi
  6. Otaniemi’s overall patch fair
  7. [NEW] Student Mental Health Day and Guild room tours 19.4.
  8. Wappuwaihto 23.4.
  9. [NEW] Sign up for hosting checkpoints in Tour de Walpuri!
  10. Dipolin Wappu 30.4.
  11. Come to volunteer for Dipoli’s Wappu!
  12. [NEW] Wappufestival 29.4.
  13. [NEW] Wiinaton Wappu 30.4
  14. AYY x KUJ Goes AATU 11.5.
  15. Apply for hourly-paid teaching positions in the department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis
  16. [NEW] Open positions in SCI’s events
  17. Sitsi Competition 24.4.
  18. [NEW] 36th Jäynä Finale 22.4.
  19. Regards from Spokesperson-secretary

Wed 19.4.:
– Student mental health day and Guild room tours

– 24 h + 15 min Reverse
Sat 22.4.:

– PT 3+ & Alumni Wappusauna

– Jäynä Finale

– Äpy Gala

– Aalto Open Air
2+ Wappusitsit (27.4.): Mon 17.4. at 20.00
Dipolin Wappu (30.4.): Thu 20.4. at 8.00


I        PT

1.     PT x TiK x SIK regular sport sessions

Pack your indoor shoes and head to the ball sports hall of Otahalli every Thursday from 5.1. onwards at 21-22! There you will be able to play badminton or basketball with TiK, SIK and other PT members.


2.     PT Info Channel on Telegram

PT has a separate Telegram channel for official announcements and news about the association – PT Info Channel! All the most important announcements and news about the association will be posted in the channel, for example about events and the summary of the weekly newsletter sent by email.
The #PT-chat (https://t.me/+rG8LiYRYWl9hZjg0.) will remain as a chat for discussions between PT members. You can join the PT Info Channel here: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFAZzeI4birVAcfBZg.

Remember also to join the CHEM Events -info channel, that information about open events held by Chemistry Guild, Forest Products Guild and The Guild of Materials and Metallurgy students: https://t.me/chemtapahtumat


3.     PT’s LinkedIn group

Applications for summer jobs have begun so a quick reminder that PT has their own LinkedIn site and group! LinkedIn is a great way to get contacts and network with your student colleagues. Open summer jobs from our field will be informed about in the group as well!

Link to join the group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13559286/
Link to the PT LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/prosessiteekkarit-ry/


4.     Board meetings in 2023

Next board meeting is on Sunday 23.4. at 10.00! You can check scheduled meetings in the association’s event calendar. The meetings will be held at pHuone.


5.     PT’s feedback form

Is there something bothering you and want to change it? Has something gone exceptionally well? You can send us anonymous feedback on PT’s website or using this link.


6.     SIK x FK x PT Van Der Waellus Hike 18.-23.8.

SIK, FK and PT organize a sequel for last year’s hikes 18th – 23rd of August!  We’ll walk the Karhunkierros trail (82 km) and spend the last night at a cottage in Hossa. The registration started on Friday the 10th of March here:  https://sahkoinsinoorikilta.fi/events/319


7.     Meet a Chem Eng!

Meet a Chem Eng! <3333
Hello everyone!
On the behalf of all Chem Engs (students of the Aalto Bachelor’s Programme in Science and Technology majoring in Chemical Engineering), I’d like to invite you to join the international community of PT!

The 4 generations of Chem Engs extend their warm welcome to Finnish students who search for an opportunity to:
–  share their experiences and passions with new people,
–  learn about different countries, cultures, and languages,
–  exercise their English skills and help others learn Finnish,
–  make new friendships
We don’t care about your fluency, you’re welcomed as you are!

The PT International Committee has plenty of events planned and I hope to see many of you there! At any event, you can recognize a Chem Eng by their green ribbon tied on the shoulder. Feel free to approach us! If you want to show us your interest in meeting international students, you can get your own green ribbon from me!
You can direct all your ideas, questions, and anxieties to me @NanaLesz
With friendly regards,
Natalia ‘Nana’ Leszczyńska
Chem Eng Officer ’23


8.     “To summer condition” 2023!

Kesäkuntoon 2023 starts today, are you ready?
Summer is approaching and for the fourth year in a row, it’s time to get back into healthy habits! Kesäkuntoon is a phrase loosely translated to “summer fitness”, used in the context of getting fit for summer. The event is a type of friendly competition, lasting 4 weeks, where you can complete small activities to improve your life, either by yourself or with a team.
As you complete the activities you’ll collect points for your own team and also for your guild or association. That’s right, it’s not only teams against other teams but also PT vs. TiK!
At the end of the campaign, the best teams and the best guild or association will be rewarded. “But!” I hear you saying, “I’m not athletic? What do you mean ‘summer fitness’? I can’t even walk up the stairs without getting out of breath!” Well, fear not! For as many points as can be gathered through sports and fitness, you can gather just as many from things that have nothing to do with moving your body, like sleeping!

More information about how to join will be revealed, but fear not, it’s easy! In fact, you don’t even have to leave Telegram.
Our amazing friends have created a Telegram bot that is simple and intuitive to use, so you can track your points at the end of each week and follow the leaderboard easily.

Are you ready to turn your life around? Also join the official Telegram chat of the competition for more info and tips: https://t.me/kesakuntoon23 Registration through the bot: @kesakuntoon_bot

What: Kesäkuntoon 2023
When: 27.3. – 23.4.

Where: Anywhere you want!
Why: To maintain healthier lifestyle and compete against the other guild and teams
Price: Free!


9.     PT x AK Wappuspåra 25.4.

PTxAK Wappuspåra runs again on 25.4.!

Beloved Wappuspåra will come back and be even more spectacular this spring! This year, the real Wappu feeling will be found along the journey of the AKxPT. You don’t want to miss this one! This amazing experience starts at 17.45 in the Eastern Harbour City, after which passengers are treated with a 2-hour architecture tour of Helsinki and surprise programmes (spoiler: karaoke!). At the end of the trip, we will continue our journey to the restaurant Musta Härkä, where the party will be entertained by CanCan! The event is part of the AK115 anniversary year

Registration for the event opened on 11.4. at 12 in PT’s registration machine and will close on 20.4 at 23.55. The registration becomes binding after 20.4. There is foom for 55 fastest AK members and 55 PT members. The event costs 14e including a 2h ride with programme, afterparty and overall patch. All members of AK and PT are welcome to join the after-party, regardless of their participation in the event itself!

What: PTxAK Wappuspåra!
When: 25.4. at 17.45
What it costs: 14e, free entry and cloak room
DC: Overalls + Wappu!
Why: Because AK <3 PT <3 spåra


10.   IK x PT 2+ Wappusitsit 27.4.

Has it been too long since the last Wappu? Have you forgotten the taste of sima, or do you miss the lovely bubbles of skumppa? Well don’t worry, it’s once again time to celebrate Wappu together with the seniors (2+) of IK and PT! Grab your overalls adorned with the coolest Wappu decorations on April 27th!

There are slots for the 198 fastest people, 99 for IK and 99 for PT. Registration opens on April 17th, the IK quota opens at 17.00, and the PT quota at 20.00. Registration closes on April 23rd at 23.55 and is then binding. The afterparty is open for all members of IK and PT!

WHAT? 2+ Wappu sitsit
WHERE? Smökki
WHEN? 27.4.2023, cocktails at 18.00, gong at 18.30
PRICE? 13 € DC? Overalls with wappu decorations
WHY? Wappu, IK & PT
Questions? Please send a message via Telegram @chememantaman


11.   [NEW] 3+ & Alumni Wappusauna 22.4.

Welcome to warm up for the Wappu week to the 3+ & Alumni Wappu Sauna! So join us at the Jämeräntaival rooftop sauna on Saturday 22.4. at 15.30. Doughnuts and food will be served at the event and the sauna is also warm!

What: 3+ & Alumni Wappusauna
Where: JMT rooftop sauna
When: Sat 22.4. at 15.30-23.00
Price: Nothing!
DC: Wappuish


12.   [NEW] WappuBus to Ullis 1.5.

This year, IK and PT are heading together to Ullis on Wappu Day! The easiest way to get in on the party spirit and get to the IK and PT tents at Ullis is to hop on the WappuBus.
The bus departs on 1.5. at 11.15 from the Teekarikylä bus stop (Otakaari 18). All passengers will be treated to a goodie bag to get you in the party mood right away! The bus ride from Teekkarikylä to Ullis costs just 3 € (less than HSL single ticket!), including a goodie bag and, of course, the best possible company. There are seats on the WappuBus for a total of 144 fastest passengers, half for PT’s and half for IK’s members.

Registration for the WappuBus will open at the PT’s ilmomasiina on 18.4. at 19.00 and will close at 23.4. at 23.55.


II      CHEM

13.   CHEM events Telegram channel

Keep on track what happens at CHEM – join the CHEM events Telegram channel: https://t.me/chemtapahtumat


14.   Study feedback

Hi all!

We would like to remind you about the importance of study feedback! We can only react to issues concerning your studies if we are made aware of them.


If for example the assessment criteria change during the course or you have not received your exam results within four weeks, inform the Head of Study Affairs so that they can intervene.


For any Bachelor’s level related study feedback you can contact Leevi through:

  1. Email: opintovastaava@prosessiteekkarit.fi
  2. Telegram: @leeviha
  3. The anonymous feedback form


For any Master’s level related study feedback you can contact the Heads of Study Affairs of the guilds:

KK: @Akseli_Rautakorpi or feedback form

PJK: @joonaskovalainen069420 or feedback form

VK: @vuorinainen or feedback form

More information about student rights can be found here.


15.   Master’s programmes’ portfolio renewal in the School of Chemical Engineering

The School of Chemical Engineering is undertaking a portfolio renewal of the Master’s programmes for the autumn 2024. Read the message from CHEM Vice Dean for Education Jouni Paltakari here, and more info about the renewal here.



16.   Student musical theatre Teekkarispeksi 2023

Welcome to see Teekkarispeksi 2023 – Univelka. Speksi will head off to the world of dreams! As family, business and dreams intertwine, surprising partners must join forces to save the world of dreams. But will it be a nightmare?
In Finnish only.
More information about the tickets and performance dates (in Finnish) https://teekkarispeksi.fi/naytokset-ja-liput/


17.   TEK Finnish Language Café returns every Monday and Wednesday!

After a Christmas break, the TEK Finnish Language Café returns to help you practise your Finnish skills outside of your lessons! The café is a low effort opportunity to speak Finnish with other learners, as well as to just have a break from your courses with coffee and snacks. The location is the Otaniemi TEK office, found in the Harold Harlin Learning Centre (via external A door), so can form a convenient part of your day.

The Finnish Café aims to be very casual, with all skill levels of Finnish welcome, especially including those who are native speakers. Whether you are in your first year in Finland or your twentieth, feel free to stop by, chat, and improve your skills!

In terms of integrating into Finland following studies, language problems are consistently given as the number one issue in finding a field relevant job. While native skills are impossible for many, even some Finnish skills can make a huge difference. As part of TEK’s work to improve the ability of international students to thrive in Finland, these cafes can hopefully help you achieve those skills – and therefore a future here!

Starting from Wednesday 1.2., the times of the café throughout the Spring semester are as follows:
Every Monday at 16:15
Every Wednesday at 14:15
Depending on demand, extra sessions can also be organised later on.
We have a Telegram group for communication and extra Finnish practise, as well as for any possible cancellations or changed times. If you have any interest in coming to a café, join it at https://t.me/+_XsOr7ChyPxkOTI8

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to message me at @kvtykki on Telegram, or at owain.hopeaketo@tek.fi.
Nähdään siellä!
Owain Hopeaketo
TEK International Student Liaison, Otaniemi


18.   [NEW] Wappu-spirited Singing sauna 17.4.

“Wappu is like having Christmas and Finland winning gold in Ice hockey World Cup tournament on the same day”

Does your Wappu need more singing? Do you long for the warmth of sauna and familiar tunes floating on the waves of hot tube? Songleader Committee (LuTku) and Song Culture Committee (LaKu) are here to offer salvation. Join us in the Wappu-spirit-lifting Singing Sauna in Rantasauna on 17 April!
There will be singing, sauna, hot tub, a chilled atmosphere and program and later in the evening, karaoke! The grill of Rantsu is in public use, so bring your own food and start the grilling season! Admission to the event is free and open for the whole Aalto community. Grab your friends and sauna equipment and head towards the most song filled event of Wappu!

What: Wappu-spirited Singing Sauna
Where: Rantasauna, Otaniemi
When: 17.4. starting at 6 pm
What it costs: free!
Why: Singing and Wappu!
Questions: Send message in Telegram to @lukkaritirehtoori or @PokemOnni


19.   Aalto Open Air 22.4.

Aalto Open Air is once again bringing the festival spirit to Alvarin aukio and kick starting the Otaniemi Wappu celebrations on 22nd of April! This free and open to all carnival-themed event is bound to set the Wappu mood for all festival goers. The festival area is filled with different activities to choose from, and the crowd will also be entertained by amazing performers. A more detailed schedule and program will be published on the event’s Facebook page! https://fb.me/e/2vayjOvZ1


20.   Self-study places in Otaniemi

Influence the self-study spaces in Otaniemi campus by answering our survey by 12.4.2023 at https://link.webropol.com/s/selfstudyspaces!


21.   Otaniemi’s overall patch fair

It’s finally time for Otaniemis overall patch fair! Merkkimafia ry is organizing an overall patch fair during the exam week on Tuesday 18.4.
WHAT: Otaniemi’s overall patch fair
WHERE: Lobby of Undergraduate Center, Otakaari 1
WHEN: Tuesday 18.4. at 10–16


22.   [NEW] Student Mental Health Day and Guild room tours 19.4.

Student Mental Health Day & Guild Room Tours 19.4. Student mental health day arrives at the Otaniemi campus on Wednesday 19.4. between 11 am and 4 pm! There will be a lot of cheerful spring activities about students mental health and well-being! Fluffy alpacas and therapy bunnies are bringing spring atmosphere to Alvari square from 11 am to 1 pm. In addition, there will be free Wappu sima and munkki for all those who come to visit! At Alvari, you can also chat with the Aalto Starting Point of Wellbeing (SPW), visit the campus wellness route starting at Alvari square that opens at 11 am, and check the short film screenings of Oasis of Radical Wellbeing with popcorn. During the afternoon, the guild rooms of student organizations of Aalto, or kiltis, are also open for all Aalto students to visit in the form of a relaxed Guild room Tour. During tour, you can get to know different guilds, participate in fun activities and buy, for example, your missing guild patches! You will get a map for Guild Room Tour from Alvari square!

WHAT? Student mental health day & Guild Room Tour
WHY? Alpacas, sima, munkki, well-being, short films and getting to know the guilds!
WHEN? Wednesday 19.4. from 11 am to 4 pm
WHERE? In Otaniemi Alvari square in front of AYY’s central office, as well as in guild rooms (you can get a map for the guild room tour from Alvari square).


23.   Wappuwaihto 23.4.

Feeling the wappu? Do you feel like taking a little prestart? On 23 April you have an unbelievable chance to experience what our colleagues in Tampere are doing in the run-up to wappu. The programme includes the Academic Beerpong World Championship, TTMK dragrace day and of course the afterparty! The cost is a mere 35 € and includes bus fares in both directions and all the spectacles of Hervanta.

You won’t want to miss this opportunity, as there is only room for the 50 fastest registrants! Registration starts on 11 April at 16.30 at: https://kide.app/events/1b365005-267e-4b0b-9902-629fc79be872
For more information, visit the AYY website: https://www.ayy.fi/fi/wappuvaihto-2023  and TJ’s Instagram @teekkarijaosto.


24.   [NEW] Sign up for hosting checkpoints in Tour de Walpuri!

The sign-up for hosting checkpoints in Tour de Walpuri has opened!

Sign up yourself and your friends to host a checkpoint from this link.
Tour de Walpuri takes place 29.4. and its checkpoints are traditionally a couple of steps crazier than in other tours so let your imagination fly while planning the checkpoint! This is a unique opportunity to bring your association to the spotlight, so don’t miss your chance! Additionally, the best organizers will be rewarded at the Declaration of Wappu rowdiness!
The registration closes on 22.4.
Additional information can be found behind the link above, and with any other questions you can be in touch:
Sakari Ropponen, sakari.ropponen@ayy.fi, @bittisakke


25.   Dipolin Wappu 30.4.

Wappu is almost here do you know what that means? Dipolin Wappu is back!
On 30 Apr, Join us at the legendary Dipoli where you can put on your cap at midnight.
There are some legendary performers and other fun activities, so we can guarantee you will have amazing time! This you don’t want to miss!
Stay tuned, more information is coming. Also join Dipolin Wappu Telegram channel @dipolinwappu https://t.me/dipolinwappu and follow the event page on Instagram @teekkarijaosto https://www.instagram.com/teekkarijaosto/


26.   Come to volunteer for Dipoli’s Wappu!

The beloved Dipoli’s Wappu needs many volunteers. Now is a great opportunity to get a one of the two needed work points for getting the party workers’ pink string! In addition to the work points, there are other amazing benefits for the volunteers, such as a bus ride from Otaniemi to Kaivopuisto on Wappu Day and an awesome overall patch!
Apply to be a volunteer here: https://forms.office.com/e/PXpC6gqQAz


27.   [NEW] Wappufestival 29.4.

The traditional Wappufestival is happening on Saturday 29.4. at 21:00 in Smökki. The event is the official afterparty for Tour de Walpuri and it’s open and FREE for every student. The evening is going to be full of RÖKing live music and the feel is going through the roof. Grab your friends and arrive to party the long awaited Wappu with the best festival of Spring 23. RÖK!

What: Wappufestival
When: Saturday 29.4. – 21:00 – 02:15
Where: Smökki
Why: What would Wappu be without Wappufestival?
Costs: 0€!


28.   [NEW] Wiinaton Wappu 30.4

Welcome to Wiinaton Wappu, a non-alcoholic wappu party, on 30.4. at 8 PM at Smökki (Jämeräntaival 4). There will be entertaining activities and wappu atmosphere without forgetting the traditional wappu foods and drinks. Live music is performed by several bands from SRO Musalinja. Come celebrate teekkariwappu in good company! At midnight, technical students will put on their caps after the singing of the teekkari hymn.
The event is free and organized by the Guild of the Cross. While the primary language of the event is Finnish, all integral content and instructions are also provided in English.


29.   AYY x KUJ Goes AATU 11.5.

It’s time to AATU again!

The traditional Akateeminen Aurajokilaivuritutkinto AATU gathers students from all over Finland to explore the riverboats of the Aura River and the city of Turku on the 11th of May! The springtime “riverboat” crawl culminates in an afterparty at Apollo nightclub in Turku. This year, AYY’s Community Section Aava and KY’s Cultural Subcommittee KUJ will transport all Aalto students to and from Turku.

The sale of tickets begins on Tuesday, April 11th, at 14:00 pm on Kide app (the Kide link will be announced on the event’s discussion page) Tickets are limited, so it’s best to be quick! Come and enjoy the springtime in Turku, and bring your friends along too!


30.   Apply for hourly-paid teaching positions in the department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis

Aalto University School of Science, Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis is looking for New hourly-paid teachers in mathematics and systems analysis for fall term 2023.

Your tasks include teaching in exercise groups and grading exercises and exams. Regarding teaching in mathematics, we expect the applicants to have completed at least 20 credits of mathematical studies at university level with good grades. Regarding teaching in systems analysis (courses MSC/E2xxx), we expect the applicants to have completed the course they would like to teach. If you have previous experience in teaching, it is considered an advantage, but is not necessary. This is a part-time job (2- 4 hours/week). The salary is 30-40 euros/teaching hour based on your education level. Grading exercises and exams will be (typically) compensated separately (300-400 euros depending on your education and the course level).

Go to math.aalto.fi/en and apply for this job through an eRecruitment system (application link in the advertisement on the front page). Attach an open motivation letter, a cv and a transcript of record as one PDF file. Deadline for the applications is Monday 8 May 2023. Based on the applications, we will invite some of the applicants for a web interview.

More information: johanna.glader@aalto.fi


31.   [NEW] Open positions in SCI’s events

There are open positions in SCI’s events, for example in Shaking Up Tech
Learn more here.


32.   Sitsi Competition 24.4.

Sitsi Competition is here again to bring joy for the whole Otaniemi!

Sitsi Competition Otaniemi-wide event where teams of all sizes put together their own kind of sitsit on Alvari square. Teams can get tables and chairs from the event organisers, but everything else is up to the team itself. So now is the perfect opportunity to bring the catering, decorations and atmosphere that suits best for your team

Over the years, there has been many imaginative themes and creative implementations in costumes, songs, food and drinks, as well as decorations. The most original and imaginative teams will be awarded on 30.4. in the Wappurieha declaration!  So get up a team and come to Alvar Square on 24.4. to show your kind of sitsit!

The competition itself starts at 14 and lasts as long as the teams want. However, the event ends at the latest on 18 when the afterparty starts. The afterparty will take place on OK20 premises, and the sauna will be warm. Registration opened on 10 April at 12 and closes on 21 April at 23:59 in the following address:

More info will be updated to the even’t Telegram-channel so make sure you join there n-o-w!
Let’s enjoy the spring together with a good mood and remember that the most important thing is to have fun with no stress and leave Alvari square clean

What: Sitsi Competitions 2023!
Where: Alvari square
When: 24.4. at 14 ->, Afterpart OK20 at 18 ->
Costs: Nothing!
More questions: Message @heidihazel or @lukkaritirehtoori


33.   [NEW] 36th Jäynä Finale 22.4.

On Saturday 22.4. Wappu kicks off with the Jäynä Finale and its cocktail part The cocktail party starts at 3pm in the U-lounge (M-door) of the Kandikeskus, and the Jäynäfinaali itself kicks off at 4pm in the U2 hall Get there early to secure your place in the finale!
For more information, please visit @jaynainfochannel
Ps. The day doesn’t end there, and after the Jäynä Finale you can continue your day at the Äpygaala and Aalto Open Air


34.   Regards from Spokesperson-secretary

Happy Monday! Good luck to your exam week, wappu is next week! This week’s cliché: When the going gets tough, the tough get going. So, put your nose to the grindstone and give it your all during exam week. Remember, the pain of studying is only temporary, but the pride of acing your exams will last forever.”



Anna Savola
Spokesperson-secretary 2023 | Prosessiteekkarit ry
+358400876287 | tiedottajasihteeri@prosessiteekkarit.fi
School of Chemical Engineering | Aalto University

PT on social media:
Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Flickr | Telegram