Woopwoop! Process Loading has been released and the first people were able to taste the sweet aromas last Friday at the launch party. But what on earth is Process Loading? Is this just another bulk lager?

Well Process Loading, aka Process Beer, is our association’s own beer! When planning Heat Transfer X, it was feared that the PT’s tenth birthday party would run out of drinks. To prevent that from happening, we decided to produce our own beer! With the summer approaching, nothing but IPA on tap at the local pub and the price of mandarins suffering tenfold inflation, we had to come up with something new, something to tickle the taste buds. The brewmaster at our partner 8-Bit Brewing mused: “when life gives you lemons, make beer” and sure enough, a pilsner flavored with lemon and love was born! 

In addition to hand-squeezed lemons, hops Simcoe and Magnum add their aroma to Process Loading. This vegan and gluten-free drink has amber colour and freshness which make it perfect for an after-work refreshment. The beer is at its best when enjoyed with friends on the terrace or at the PT’s annual ball. 

Although the launch of Process Beer was already, the beer has not yet been bottled due to production problems. So, you’ll have to wait a while for the good stuff, but when the bottles finally make their way to the shelves, you can find Process Loading in the following stores:

  • K-Market Otaniemi
  • K-Supermarket Mankkaa
  • K-Citymarket Sello
  • K-Supermarket Tapiola 

In addition, Process Loading can be purchased at 8-Bit Brewing’s brewery shop. You can also find it on the tap in Taproom D20, which is located right here in Otaniemi. Taproom has also promised a discount for PT members. More information on this coming later.

More updates on Process Loading will be posted on PT’s Telegram channels and Instagram later.