Board tasks

Chair of the Board

  • Supervises, steers and develops the Association’s, the board’s and the officials’ operations
  • Is the chairperson at the Association’s and board’s meetings
  • Works together with the head of study affairs as the link between the Association and the school
  • Upholds connections to AYY and other associations and other student organizations around Finland
  • Is the representative for the Association at the Forest Products Engineers’ Youth Forum
  • Represents the Association in AYY’s Neuvosto

Head of Internal and External Affairs

  • Steers and develops the Associations’ operations alongside the chair of the board
  • Leads the well-being committee and is responsible for the association room alongside other things
  • Is responsible for connections with sister-guilds in other universities
  • Represents the Association in AYY’s Well-being Committee (HvTMK)


  • Responsible for the Association’s accounting and does the financial statement
  • Presents and gets an approval for the Association’s bills in board meetings
  • Upholds the Association’s membership registry
  • Represents the Association in the Financial Committee


  • Works as the secretary in the board and association meetings and adds the accepted minutes to the Association’s website and archives them
  • Updates the Association’s email lists and takes care of the settings
  • Gathers information to make the Association’s info mails
  • Administrates and develops the Association’s social media channels
  • Leads the information committee
  • Represents the Association in AYY’s Information Committee (VTMK)

Head of Corporate Relations

  • Creates, upkeeps and develops the Association’s corporate relations
  • Gets corporate affiliates for the Association
  • Takes care of ordering the overalls
  • Represents the Association in AYY’s Corporate Relations Committee (YTMK)

Freshman Captains

  • Responsible for the Association’s freshman upbringing
  • Hosts freshman events alongside other people
  • Informs the freshmen about everything concerning them
  • Creates the freshman guide and the freshman point card
  • Organizes tutors alongside the tutor officer
  • Are active members of the board during their official board year and are actively present during the following spring
  • Represent the Association in AYY’s Freshman Committee (FTMK)

International Officer

  • Responsible for the Association’s international affairs and receiving the international students and helping them integrate into life in a Finnish university
  • Organizes international operations alongside the other international officers of CHEM
  • Organizes events for international students alongside the other international officers of CHEM
  • Creates point cards and CHEM guides for the international students alongside the other international officers of CHEM
  • Represents the Association in AYY’s International Committee (KvTMK)

Head of Study Affairs

  • Works as the link between the university and the students
  • Works as the guardian of interests and the informer in study related matters
  • Works as the student representative in the School of Chemical Engineering’s study council
  • Collects feedback about the courses and general studies
  • Represents the Association in AYY’s Study Council (OPN)

Host & Hostess

  • Takes care of the general arrangements in events
  • Help with organizing the Association’s annual ball Lämmönsiirto
  • Represents the Association in AYY’s Host and Hostesses











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