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I     PT

1.   PT’s own association products!

2.   Lämmönsiirto week 16.-22.9.

3.   Kylmävalssaus: Cocktail evening

4.   Excursion to Viikinmäki wastewater treatment plant

5.   Mallasappro 17.10.

6.   Donate blood; Autumn campaign!


7.   Apply for student exchange for spring 2020!

8.   Representative Council Elections FAQ 16.9.2019 at 5p.m. at Otaranta rooftop sauna

9.   Chemistry guild’s Long Domestic Excursion is here again 23.-26.9.

10. Tournament of Kasper 27.9.


11. Helsinki University’s Taekwan-Do beginner’s course from September 8

12. Teekkarispeksi’s dance and improvisation courses are here again! Applications 11.9.

13. Product Development Project course starting 11.9.

14. Skipoli seasons opening party at Rantasauna 14.9.

15. Skipoli First snow

16. Sports committee’s Healthyappro

17. Dissonanssi open rehearsals and auditions

18. Humans vs Zombies Autumn 18.-21.9.

19. Aalto 10 km and 5 km – sporting event 22.9.

20. Applications for Junction 2019 have begun!

21. Lakinlaskijaiset 2019

22. Robot Uprising 2019

15. Secretary's regards

Lämmönsiirto week
16.9. Kylmävalssaus @JMT 11 G
17.9. Annual ball excursion @SSAB
20.9. Annual Ball, Lämmönsiirto VII
21.9. Lämmönsiirto sillis
Aalto 10 & 5 km
30.9. Lakinlaskijaiset + Otatarhanajot
3.10. Water excursion @Viikinmäki
4.-6.10. Lans


I        PT

1.     PT’s own association products!

The products are here! Go and try your size at prosessiHuone this week! Canvas bags and belts are ordered with the form (check out pictures there). Stickers and reflectors can be purchased from prosessiHuone from any board member.


Please note, that apparel is ordered only once during the fall! Order between 9thand 15th of September.
Order here:


2.     Lämmönsiirto week 16.-22.9.

Lämmönsiirto is getting closer and in honour of the Annual ball, there will be different events througout the whole week! More information:
(finnish only)


3.     Kylmävalssaus: Cocktail evening

Are you tired of drinking just beer and long drink? Are gin tonic and rum and coke just too simple for you? The Kylmävalssaus this year offers you the possibility to come and learn how professionals make drinks. Aalto Cocktail is organizing a cocktail evening for Lämmönsiirto VII on Monday the 16th at 16.00 in Jämeräntaival 11 G. The drink education costs 10€ and there are places for 30 participants. 

Sign up:

What: Cocktail evening
When: On Monday the 16th at 17.00
Where: Jämeräntaival 11 G
What costs: 10€ 
Why: It is time to celebrate PT turning 7!


4.     Excursion to Viikinmäki wastewater treatment plant

On October the members of PT will get their very first chance to see the water technology since PT is heading to HSY Viikinmäki wastewater treatment plant!


The Viikinmäki wastewater treatment plant located in Helsinki is the largest treatment plant in Finland and the Nordic Countries. The Viikinmäki bedrock treatment plant processes the wastewaters of residents in Helsinki, middle and east Vantaa, Kerava, Tuusula, Järvenpää and Sipoo. In total, it processes the wastewaters of around 800,000 residents as well as the wastewaters of the region’s industry.


If you have always wanted excursion without spending the whole day on a bus, now you have a great change to come and visit the water treatment plant with low effort!


The excursion begins on Thursday 3.10. at 13 and we will leave together from Processroom (Kemistintie 1). The excursion will take only couple of hours.

The excursion is free for members of PT and there will be room for the 24 fastest sign-ups!


The registration for the trip opens on 16.9. at 12.00 at and the places will be filled in order of fastest sign-ups.
WHAT? Excursion to Viikinmäki wastewater treatment plant
WHEN? Thursday 3.10.2019
WHY? Get to know water treatment plant for the very first time!
DRESSCODE? Smart casual and teekkari cap (if you have one)
COSTS? 0 € to the members of the association


5.     Mallasappro 17.10.

Our dear guild sister, Oulun Prosessikilta, has invited us to join their bar crawl, Mallasappro, on Thursday the 17th of October. They say that the Mallasappro is the heaviest bar crawl in Finland and definitely the biggest bar crawl in Oulu, and you have the chance to participate with the price of 7 €.

You have the chance to reserve a ticket for yourselves until 17th of September without the sign up being binding. This way we want to map the amount of interested. After 17th of September an email is send to everyone who’s signed up and by answering you can still cancel your ticket. If you don’t answer to the email by 22th of September, your ticket will stay reserved to you and the sign up becomes binding. 

In addition, your interest in shared transportation to Oulu is gathered, so answer also if you’re interested in a bus ride either to Oulu or both ways. Nothing about the shared transformation can be promised, but it is also discussed with other guilds from Otaniemi and Tampere. The fastest way to Oulu is by flying, but the best way to hold a pre party is definitely by bus.   

To sign up:

The Facebook event for Mallasappro:


What: Mallasappro bar crawl 

Where: in OULU

When: 17.10. klo 16→ 

What costs: 7€


6.     Donate blood; Autumn campaign!

PT has its own BloodGroup! Go donate blood and support a very important work.

More info:


II      CHEM

7.     Apply for student exchange for spring 2020!

Application period 1 to 20 September 2019 for exchanges during the spring term 2020! More information about exchange studies from the INTO exchange website:


Pop-up info about exchange studies on Thursday 12 September 12 - 14.30! Come and ask us about exchange studies, applying, available destinations! We will be in the lobby of the building of Chemical Engineering, at the study advisors' desk.


8.     Representative Council Elections FAQ 16.9.2019 at 5p.m. at Otaranta rooftop sauna

AYY’s (Aalto University’s student union) Representative Council Elections are held this autumn for the years 2020-2021. The elections are held to elect the highest authority in the student union. All the members of AYY are eligible to vote and stand as candidate in the elections. You can become candidate until the noon of 2nd of October. Candidates must fill out the nomination form. The form can be found: If you want to become candidate for the CHEM electoral alliance, you can bring the filled form into the red box in the pHuone (The guild room of Prosessiteekkarit). The CHEM electoral alliance brings together all the guild’s and the association of School of Chemical Engineering. This way, we can have a stronger voice in decisions about the entire Student Union.


Welcome to hear more about the CHEM election alliance and the representative council on Monday, September 16 from 5 p.m. to the Otaranta Rooftop Sauna. It is also possible to register as a candidate for the Representative Council of CHEM election alliance and to find out more about the election process. More information about the elections can be also found from or sending questions to the election coordinator of CHEM electoral alliance Jenna Arponen (



What: Info for Representative Council elections

When: 16th of September at 5 p.m.

Where: Otaranta Rooftop Sauna

Why: The nomination for the autumn elections continues until the noon of 2nd of October for the period 2020-2021


9.     Chemistry guild’s Long Domestic Excursion is here again 23.-26.9.

We'll be heading to north on Monday 23.9. at 8 am from Otakaari 18 and returning to the same spot on Thursday 26.9. approximatelly at 7 pm. Excursion destinations are still kept secret. Signup at

The trip will cost 50€, but if you are a member of Finnish Chemical Society (SKS), there will be a discount of 20€. This covers accommodation with breakfast, transportation ja a bunch of interesting excursion with true chemist spirit. If you want to join SKS, you can do it here: (in Finnish)


Pack your sleeping bag and pad, smart casuals and teekkari cap and enjoy the ride! Questions can be sent by an e-mail to or on Telegram @tyttijamsa.


What: KP!

When: 23. - 26.9.2019

Price: 50€ (For members of SKS 30€)

For: The members of the Chemistry guild

Pack: Sleeping bag and pad, smart casual clothing, teekkari cap and other essentials.


10.  Tournament of Kasper 27.9.

The Tournament of Kasper is coming again on the 27th of September! Gather your team of three and find out if you have the skills and tricks required to succeed in this legendary but not too serious tournament! More information in the Facebook event:  Remember to follow us on Instagram @kasperinkisat and in Facebook under the name “Kasperin Kisat” to stay up to date!


Sign up link will be published in the FB event and the sign up opens on 3.9.2019 at 12:00.




11.  Helsinki University’s Taekwan-Do beginner’s course from September 8

Have you always wanted to learn flashy kicks, punches and blocks? Do you want to improve your balance, flexibility and mobility of body? Are you in need of self-defense skills?


University of Helsinki Taekwon-do Club offers a beginners’ course for students and personnel of University of Helsinki, Aalto University and Hanken. The beginners’ course of Fall 2019 is held on Sundays at 11:30-13:00 in Porthania gym, starting on September 8. First month you can attend for free. The course costs 30,00 €, which includes training, membership and belt exam fees.


Please, register for the beginners’ course via the form


Facebook event -


For inquiries and further information, contact Inka Khanji. or +358 456311292


See you in trainings!


12.  Teekkarispeksi’s dance and improvisation courses are here again! Applications 11.9.

On this fall, we offer nine different dance courses, where you can find course options for beginners to more advanced dancers! There are three different improvisation courses, with three different levels.

You may apply on Wednesday 11.9. at 17.00 o’clock at Undergraduate center. Come early, so you’ll be sure to get in!
Course schedule.

More Information about applying and course descriptions

HOX! Finnish only!


13.  Product Development Project course starting 11.9.

Are you passionate about design, business and technology?
Then, PdP is the right fit for you.

But what is PdP?
According to a former PdP student, is "the most rewarding, most inspiring, and at times the most ridiculous experience".

Seriously…What is PdP?
Well, Product Development Project (PdP) is a course that is primarily aimed at master level students of any field, who want to learn the development process of investment and/or consumer products. PdP is truly a transdisciplinary team learning project. The team forming, project planning, project execution, and finally, the demonstration of the results are supported by the teaching team. The challenges are real and sponsored with 10.000€ by industry partners, who are searching for innovative cooperation with the next generation of changemakers…and YOU can be part of it. In PdP, all teams are expected to build functional prototypes and carry out testing in meaningful way.

If you are a student of design, business or technology and you want to learn real product development – you can’t have better option than this!

It’s once in a life-time experience with great emphasis on passion-based learning (PBL) methodology!

Sign up for the course on WebOodi. Course Code: MEC-E3001
The introduction lecture will be on Wednesday, 11th September 16:15 at Aalto Design Factory (Betonimiehenkuja 5 C).

Instagram: @pdpaalto


14.  Skipoli seasons opening party at Rantasauna 14.9.

Skipoli has a SEASONS OPENING PARTY at Rantasauna, Otaniemi on the 14.9. Come kickstart the best skiing/snowboarding season of all time with us! We have a free-for-all rail/jump-session with lots of snow for snowboarders and skiers. You're welcome to join!

So take your friends and baguettes with you and PARTY!!
Time: Saturday 14.9. (snow from 12 o’ clock->)
Place: Rantasauna, Otaniemi
Event is FREE, but the world famous evening Menu will be served so don't forget to grab some cash!



15.  Skipoli First snow

Skipoli is arranging the First Snow trip to Ruka once again! Gather your friends and be ready to sign up at the TKK main building lobby, klo 10 on wednesday 18.9.! You can sign up yourself and one extra person!

- 4 buses, each with their own theme leave the Otaniemi Campus on Thursday 14.11. at 14:00. Return on Monday morning.
- Accommodation in 6 person cabins near the slopes. Make up a name for your cabin if you want to stay in the same one with your friends.
- 3-day skipasses, accommodation and transportation included for 229 euros
Any questions? You can reach us by email,


16.  Sports committee’s Healthyappro

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to tackle other players on an american football match or dance on a pole? Are you still trying to find your own sports or have you already found it and you want to know, what kind of associations organize events related to that in Aalto? This fall, the sports committee organizes Healthyappro, during which nine different sports associations present themselves by organizing nine different sports events. These events will be organized starting from September and lasting until November and every week there will be either one event or two events at the same time. After every event, there will also be a possibility for the participants to hangout with the other participants and representatives of the sports associations and enjoy a warm sauna as well as free snacks!


All these sports events are free and open for everyone and you need to sign up for every event separately. It is possible to attend to multiple events so you can participate in as many events as you want or only choose the ones that you’re interested in. The sign up forms and more specific information about the events published on Facebook:


17.  Dissonanssi open rehearsals and auditions

Dissonanssi is a mixed choir from Otaniemi singing diverse music all the way from renaissance to glam metal — without forgetting to have fun! This fall we will organise an open rehearsal on 17.9 at 18:00 and auditions on 24.9 at 16:30. Our rehearsals are conducted in Finnish, however you are welcome to join. Even with no Finnish speaking skills, someone is always willing to translate. Read more and sign up:


18.  Humans vs Zombies Autumn 18.-21.9.

Humans vs. Zombies is a moderated game of tag where zombie players try to spread the infection by tagging human players. Humans can in turn protect themselves by hiding, fleeing or fighting back (using socks or foam gun darts to "stun" zombies). Exciting missions and quests will be available every day. Since teamwork is often the best strategy, players are guaranteed to meet new people. 

Participation is completely free of charge. The organizers will provide the game scarf and special items for you. All you have to do is sign up, show up and play. The game is played entirely in English.

This year the cosmos has twisted and shattered and the Ancient ones are Watching Otaniemi from the cracks beyond the veil of reality. Is there truth behind the ancient prophecies and is the unbending will of the Ancients unavoidable? Play and find out!

Fb event:  
Sign up here:  


19.  Aalto 10 km and 5 km – sporting event 22.9.

Aalto 10 km and 5 km is an annual sporting event for good feeling. Aalto 10 km and 5 km is meant for every Aalto’s student, faculty memember and alumni and its free for all. Sign up here!


20.  Applications for Junction 2019 have begun!

WHERE & WHEN: Väre @ Otaniemi, Espoo 15.-17.11.2019

We are glad to invite you to apply for Junction 2019, the largest hackathon in Europe! This year’s application process is currently ongoing and will close in 6.10.2019. The purpose of the event is to bring together enthusiastic developers, designers and creators and provide them with the tools and challenges of today’s cutting-edge technology. During the weekend participants have 48 hours to develop their own projects and solve pressing challenges brought us by our partner companies. The event is completely free to attend!


This year includes:


-      10 different tracks such as: Mobility, Game Jam, Future cities, Sustainability and much more

-      Free accommodation

-      Free food and drinks

-      Prize pool of 40 000€


We have only limited places for our participants so apply now!




21.  Lakinlaskijaiset 2019

Summer was short and sweet but now is the time for the most traditional end-of-the-summer party. To declare that the fall has begun, students of Aalto gather on the 30th of September in Dipoli for Lakinlaskijaiset. Whether you are a tech, arts or biz student, this party is for you!

The night will be filled with top notch entertainment; whether you would like to enjoy the live music, sing karaoke or dance to the beats of the DJs’, we can guarantee that you won’t get bored. The artists will be announced later in this event, so stay tuned!

The day of Lakinlaskijaiset will begin with Otatarhan Grand Prix at Alvarin aukio and carry on via the pre-party in Smökki to the main event in Dipoli. Dipoli’s doors open at 21:00 and the party won’t stop until 03:00. Grab your friends, get the tickets from and get ready for the best party of the fall semester!

Ticket sales:
Tickets in advance/at the door 14/15€ (inc. cloakroom), badge 2€

4.9. 12:00 → Early bird tickets (12 €) @ Kide.App (
9.9. 12:00 → @ (
23-27.9. 10-14 @ Undergraduate center, Y-hall
30.9. 15-18 @ Otatarhan ajot (Alvarin aukio)
30.9. 18-21 @ LL-Etkot (Smökki)

What: Lakinlaskijaiset
Where: Dipoli
When: Monday 39. klo 21-03
Why: best way to end the summer and start the autumn with style!

NB! The age limit is 18 and you will need identification at the door.

Volunteer for Lakinlaskijaiset? Apply here!


22.  Robot Uprising 2019

We are organizing a robotics-hackathon called Robot Uprising in October 11th to 13th in Helsinki, Finland and would highly appreciate it if you could share this message with your students. More info about Robot Uprising can be found at


So, what is Robot Uprising? 

Robot Uprising Artificial Invaders consist of 3 tracks that combine hands-on robotics gaming, puzzles and storytelling. We offer your students a futuristic robotics experience and the opportunity to shape the future with us.


·       Track 1: Artificial Invaders: The Strategic AI Battle

·       Track 2: Robot Uprising: The Robotics track

·       Track 3: Future Visions - Futuristic Design Challenge 



Check out more from:


WHAT: Robot Uprising: Artificial Invaders 

WHERE: Kattilahalli, Sörnäisten rantatie 22, Helsinki, Finland

WHEN: 11 - 13.10.2019



23. Secretary's regards

Orientation week is over! Phew and oh boy was it good! Luckily this week is a little bit easier. Although I did manage sprain my ankle at stairs last Monday, so now I’ll be walking carefully too. Luckily it was just a sprain and nothing more, so healing process will be quick. This year’s freshmen seem lovely and I hope you all have a good year! Welcome to Otaniemi!

This week’s culture act: Sam Smith – How Do You Sleep?

Boards news: Today morning was our board meeting and we talked about orientation week and this fall. There’s a lot of cool stuff coming this fall, so keep your eyes open! And our swag association products are here!

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