In the Association of Process Engineering Students all study related matters are handled by the Study Committee which is led by the Head of Study Affairs. The purpose of the Study Committee is to intervene when facing injustice in study related matters and forward them to the staff of the school. The Study Committee also passes on important information from the university and the school to the students. If you feel your rights as a student have been violated or you either want to give bouquets and brickbats or want the Study Committee to be aware of some flaw relating to your studies, contact the Head of Study Affairs Ronja Korhonen (opintovastaava(at)

The Exam Archive

If you have any old exam papers, you can bring them to the exam archive that can be found in the Process Room. The exams are then scanned and published online in The person who has returned the most exams will be awarded bi-annually, so remember to write your name on the back of the exam paper! The exam archivist this year is Sofia Niemikoski (sofia.niemikoski(at)

Study FAQ

1. I can’t attend an exam/laboratory session, what should I do?

Notify the staff of the course as soon as possible (contact information can usually be found from MyCourses or Sisu) and ask for an opportunity to complete it with a substitutive method (backlog exam, backlog laboratory, oral exam or other substitutive method). If a lot of students at the course are prevented from attending for example because of an event arranged by the association, it is advisable to ask if the exam/laboratory could be moved to another date.

2. The lectures at a course were unclear/illogical or I have a suggestion for improvement, what do I do?

For any Bachelor’s level related study feedback you can use PT’s anonymous feedback form which can be found from the sidebar of this website under Feedback.

For any Master’s level related study feedback you can use the anonymous feedback form of other CHEM guilds:

Chemistry Guild feedback form
Forest Products Guild feedback form
Guild of Materials and Metallurgy Students feedback form

You can also always give direct feedback to the lecturer or to the staff of the course by discussing it face to face, by email or through the survey that will be sent at the end of the course.

3. I want to do exchange studies, how do I proceed?

The main application period is during January and the backlog application period is during September. You can find a lot of information about exchange from Into’s Exchange studies site.

The arrangement of exchange studies is the student’s responsibility: it is your job to find a suitable exchange program, arrange your curriculum and write the application to the destination. You can ask for help from our school’s Exchange Coordinator ( Inspiration and information about popular exchange destinations can be found from exchange info sessions that are arranged regularly and of course from older students who have done exchange studies. It is also advisable to plan your financing for the exchange period and to find out about exchange scholarships and their terms!

4. I have military service coming up, I volunteered to help with feeding the hungry in Africa and/or I just don’t know what is about to happen to my studies, where can I find help?

In practical matters such as making your HOPS, you can ask for help from the Study Advisors: in Finnish kandi-neuvojat-chem(at), in Swedish studieradgivare-chem(at) and for Master’s level students msc-advisors-chem(at) In more complicated matters you should contact the Planning Officer Kari Lehti (kari.a.lehti(at) Help with career planning and stress management among other things can be found from the university’s Study Psychologists.