Freshman Points


The purpose of freshman points is to introduce freshmen to teekkari culture, the association’s and the student association’s operations and other students beyond the limits of guilds.

For freshman points, every freshman is given their own freshman point card. You can collect freshman points by participating in the Association of Process Engineering Students’, AYY’s or it’s sub-association’s activities – either by helping organize events or just by being there! In principle, you get to choose how you collect your points, but some freshman points are compulsory for all freshmen, for example, a visit to the Polytechnician Museum. It’s generally advisable to start collecting the points in the Autumn, as if you lack the points on the eve of the possible Wappu, you will also lack the Teekkari cap on your head on the Wappu day. No need to fear though: as when you eagerly join in on the activities, your point card will fill up faster than you realize! The goal is not to overbear anyone but to provide fun moments in good company. The points in your point card will be given by freshman captains and other members of the board of the Association during the year. As the Christmas closes in, we will collect the cards for inspection so we can tell, how many points are still missing. During the possible Wappu we will hand out accessibility passes and the most active of the freshmen will be honoured.

The freshman point cards will be handed to the freshmen during the first day of the orientation week. If you didn’t get your own pass or if you’ve lost yours, or if it looks like you won’t be able to complete some compulsory points, please do contact your freshman captains. We will make the necessary arrangements to help you. Don’t throw in the towel during the year – acquiring your Teekkari cap from the secretary’s office on Mother’s Day isn’t that memorable of an experience. Below are some freshman points and the related events, you can get more information from your freshman captains.



Compulsory points (7):

Collecting these points is mandatory for everyone.

Compulsory points can only be handed out by the freshmancaptains, the great work points can also be handed out by the host and hostess of the Association


Earned by gathering 10 ECTS during the academic year.

The Great Work Point

Earned by working a 6 hour work shift at a big event, primarily PT’s or other CHEM Guild’s annual ball.

Association meeting

Earned by attending one association meeting and being present until the end of the meeting.

Captain Quarter

A casual chat session about how you've been during the Autumn with your freshman captain. At the same time we'll check your freshman points.

Polytechnician Museum

A guided tour in the Polytechnician Museum

Singing Test

Completing the Association's singing test during the Spring. Can be completed alone or in small groups.

Freshman Mischief

Participating in the freshman mischief day during the spring.



Some examples of elective points:

Sports Point (1-2p)

Pariticpating in the Association's Sports Tutors' or other sporting events. 1p per event.

20/30 ECTS (1p or 2p)

Progressing in your studies! 1p 20 ECTS acquired, 2p 30 ECTS acquired.

Official Point (2p)

Annually, the Association seeks out active new go-doers, that will ensure great activities.  Earned by applying to be an official.

Freshman Patch and Annual (1 or 2p)

Every freshman year designs their own patch and annual and everyone can contribute in the making of them.

Kavitaatio (1 or 3p)

Kavitaatio, or PT's freshman party, is a big party traditionally hosted by our freshmen. Freshman parties have long traditions in older guilds, so the responsibility has shifted to our Association alongside the responsibility of taking in freshmen. Helping with the party grants you 3 points, but also just visiting the party earns you one point.

CanCan (3p)

Being a part of the Association's freshman dance group. CanCan is not about your ability to dance, but rather about having fun, which there will surely be loads of! The best experiences during your freshman year will be had with CanCan. You can earn the points, when you have performed in at least 3 gigs.

Process Room + Guild Room Visits (1p)

The Process Room is the second of home of our members. Besides the Process Room, old Guilds also have their own Guild rooms. Earned by spending time at the Process Room and visiting every CHEM Guild's Guild room.

Professor Coffee (1p)

Get to know and have a chat with the teaching staff of our school.

AYY's Association Activitites (1p)

Participating in any AYY Association's activities or events.

PTR Tournament (2p)

Prosessiteekkarit Racing Tournament, where you compete in the form of different games for this year's PTR title, somewhere around late winter.

Builder Point (1p)

Earned by participating in building a racer for Otatarhan Ajot (Otatarha Race) (30.9.) or Laskiaisriehassa (Spring 2020), or showing positive building spirit.

Work Point 3 h (1p)

Earned by participating in the organizing of an event or something else for 3 hours.

Sports Shifts (1-3p)

Earned by participating in CHEM Sports Shifts, or other sports practises, such as sports tryouts. 1p 1 sports session, 2p  3 sports sessions, 3p 5 sports sessions.

Aava Point (1p)

Earned by attending some event hosted by Aava. Events are held throughout the year, but during the Autumn 2019 there is Humans vs Zombies (18.-21.9. ) and  Aalto Amazing Race (25.10.) for example.



Besides the 7 compulsory points, you must also complete at least 30 other freshman points in order to earn your Teekkari cap. One event can yield 1-3 points depending on the event, so freshman points come by fairly easily. If you are seeking prestige and glory, it is also possible to go for the title of Freshman Doctorate, which requires 60 points on top of the compulsory points. 75 points on the other hand grants you the Honorary Degree. Rumour has it, that freshmen who have completed 95 freshman points alongside the compulsory ones will be honoured as Super Freshmen. An achievement this great will also lend you great honour, as only a handful of our freshmen have ever achieved the title of Super Freshman.


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