Efua Yawson

Hello everyoneee :333333!!

I’m Efu, and I’m running for the Prosessiteekkarit Ry’s board in 2024 as the Head of Internal and External Affairs (SUV). Some important background info: KeLa-Alfa, born and raised: East Helsinki, and a lover of chicken pasta. I’m a third-year student, and I’ve been actively involved in PT right from the start of my fuksi year. I’ve had the opportunity to participate in various roles such as, a Helper of Host & Hostess, I was one of the main organizers of Kavitaatio and I was also an ISO. However, my most significant role has been as PT’s Host on the 2023 board. 

I’m running for SUV because I believe the SUV role brings together areas where I excel. I’m outgoing, which I think is a significant asset for this role, and I believe I’d do well in maintaining relationships, especially with sister guilds. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, my experience as an IE has provided me with strong event organizing skills, even though the events of the care committee are different compared to events organized by IE. IE’s role has also allowed me to get to know many active members from various guilds, which I’m sure will be beneficial in this position. Even though maintaining the cleanliness of my own home isn’t one of my strong suits, you can rest assured that the sacred pHuone won’t be left dirty if I’m chosen for this position. 

Feel free to throw any burning questions down below, and I’ll do my best to answer them. You can also contact me on Telegram if you feel like it: @chemisantawoman 

That’s about it <3 

Is there any specific unit of Care committee that you would like to develop? Why and how / why not?

As the former Host and board member, I have a fairly good understanding of the types of events that the association has organized and which ones have been well-received or not. In a potential upcoming board term, I would like to ensure that events and initiatives are budgeted for with sufficient resources right from the beginning of the year. I don’t have any specific areas in mind that need radical changes. Possible areas for improvement could include enhancing the catering for events or creating overall patches for the events. I would definitely engage in more discussions with the former SUV and build upon their experience to develop our activities further. 

Managing sister guild relations is an important part of the tasks of the Head of Internal and External Affairs. What goals or ideas do you have for fostering sister guild relations in the coming year?

My goal is to maintain the existing relationships. My goal for the coming year is also to try my best to organize events and visits with sister guilds because it’s always great to get to know other students in the field. For instance, Adamas’s visit to Otaniemi in the spring of 2023 was a mutually enjoyable experience. 

Process Engineering Days have been discussed for a long time, but for various reasons, they haven’t been organized. However, it would be nice to have an event that brings together all the students in the field of process engineering. So, perhaps exploring an alternative way of realizing this could be one goal, with one idea being a process engineering student cruise. Nevertheless, the primary goal is to maintain the existing relationships and any possible traditional events. 

The Care Committee has a wide range of officials. How would you ensure the communication and activity in each part of the care committee throughout the year?

For things to run as smoothly as possible, clear communication and task allocation are essential for everyone. In my opinion, the more responsibilities and tasks are documented and visible to all, the smoother the progress of the work. 

I’ve worked with several officials (when I was the Host) and ensuring good communication between them has been crucial. So, I don’t start from scratch in this regard. It’s important to me to foster a sense of community, and I hope to create a committee where everyone enjoys working together. Perhaps I could even organize some low-threshold relaxation events in my grand SMT palace to ensure that my committee members have the energy to actively carry out their tasks until the end of the year. 


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